Friday, June 29, 2012

within three weeks.

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
okay, i've got not much thing to talk about. just thinking of publishing some pictures here. erkk, without me noticing, it has been 3 weeks i've continued studying. heh~ so here are some of the pictures i took so far~ :D
 shikin, kecik, and kak iz. :)
 my brand new smiley flats for this semester. HAHA
 Hasanah a.k.a. Ustazah Salbiah. :D
 "Bukan Sekadar Rasa" cooking competition :D
 ceramah. :D
MKT  notes :D
 college award night ; SP4 college.
SM4 college
SP1 college
Amira Atiya
 Kuih Bahulu bought from Pekan Pilah.
i want to join this event for this Sem again! but my partners last sem doesn't seem to be interested to join me. please, please. anyone wanna be my business partner? :/

Friday, June 15, 2012

New semester, yet still the 'SUPER JUNIOR'! ;)

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
 oh, it's been quite a while i didn't update my blog. :O
well, i'm kinda 'busy' lately since my semester break has ended last week. Plus, i didn't bring along my baby Asus to campus coz it's still being 'hospitalized' in Low Yat. haha.
Since last week, today is the very first time i've got the chance to online and check out all the 'expired' news on the net. Thank you so so much to my new lovely housemate, Raudzatul Adawiyah Mohd Hanif a.k.a. Zaza for lending me her laptop. theeeeehee~ ^_^

ohh mengg~ i'm so bored right now. I've got nothing to do. It's Friday! So each and everyone of my friends have gone back home. Well, we don't have any class this Monday since there will be Isra' Mikraj on Sunday. but me?? i'm leaving no where. :( My mum didn't allowed me to go back home. sobs~ Yesterday, my friends were joking and said that my mum probably don't love me anymore, that's why she don't want me to go back home and see me. HAHA. Later that night, when i was on the phone with my mum, i told her that so called 'joke' of my friends. naughty me huh? :P She replied that "nooo~ i do love you! it's just that you'd get tired if you went back home by public transport. Yet, we don't have much time to fetch you and send you back there". :DDD yaa, i know she loves me that much. ;)

Oh, i could still remember the moments when both of my parents and my little nephew sent me here last Sunday. it was around 9.30 o'clock in the morning when i started to get in all my stuffs and luggage into the car. Then suddenly Faheem put his bag into the car too! giving us a sign that he wanted to follow us. haha.

Thus, after about a couple of hours, here we're in SP4 2441! :D Faheem excitedly get into my 'room' and said "Whooooaaaaa" *pretending to be surprised. hihi. ;) actually i've got the 'living room' unit instead of a bedroom. but i'm still thankful, at least i've got a place to stay inside the campus. i don't have to rent a room outside of our campus like some others right? alhamdulillah.
after transferred all the stuffs into my unit, we had lunch at our cafeteria Anjung Seri Perpatih. Faheem joyfully had watermelon before 'hyper-active-ly' chased all the flies there. :P
Faheem and Ayah. :)

later that evening, a friend of mine, Shikin drove the other four of us; Hasanah, Shera, Mira, and i to pekan Pilah to had dinner. i had Nasi Goreng Belacan with Iced Milo O which tastes so so yummeyyhh~ :P
Shikin and me. ♥
After finished our dinner, we missed the bus to get back. so we slept over at Shikin's Mak Lang's house nearby. We get into bed after Isyak prayer. The next morning, i had some chit chat with Pak Lang after we had breakfast. He's quite educated i think. This 63 years old man used to study abroad in quite a few countries you know! :O The most unique part was that he got a few tricks to get to know with us by asking some kind of weird questions. HAHA. But Hasanah, Mira, and even Shikin didn't really 'entertained' his story telling session. xD hihii~ they pretended to watch tv and replying SMS to avoid from answering Pak Lang's questions. LOL!

As i get back to my campus, i unpacked my luggage and tadaaaaa~ here's my territory~ :P
Wheee~ after a week . . .
Here's my new alarm clock bought from 'kedai oren'. :D it's capricorn baby~ my snoopy baby alarm clock which was seen on the previous entry on last semester, is just too huge to be put on this tiny study table of mine. *ini alasan! HAHA*
uhhm, the classes i had for this whole week were mostly canceled after the lecturers has entered our class like..once? haha. So far, i think that my BEL lecturer, Madam Norfazlika seems to be quite fun! :) The MKT lecturer, Madam Kunie, and also the CTU lecturer, Ustaz Hisham were too seem to be great! :DDD The funny part was when Ustaz Hsham said that he likes Najwa Latif song after saying the word 'Kosong' in his speech like tons of times. HAHA! xD

Oh yaa! talking about lecturers, reminds me to the good news that i've got just now. My BEL lecturer last semester, Miss Emy Shafika Nordin posted on Facebook that she still remember our deal previously. She had once promissed to our class that she'll treat anyone who got A for her subject in last sem's Final exam! HOYEAHHH~ :D

and that's the end of my story. :)
 oh, not to forget to mention that i've got new housemates! they're Ain -part 3, Kak Fatin-part 5, Zaza-part 3, and kak Izzati-part 6. :D The other four of my housemates are still the same housemates i got during last semester which are Farah, Kak Sya, and Fina. heee~

oh, the reason i named this entry like that is because i have got no BM111 junior during this semester. resulting our batch to be the one and only 'super junior' at UiTM Beting right now. :P
okay okay okay, i'd better off now, potassium bye! ;)