Saturday, January 30, 2010

PMR was the past... what about SPM?

i should not proud for this.....
coz there are lots of my friends who didn't get a flying colours in PMR are getting smarter than me now.
so i must improve myself to go further for a better future!
but how?
  • do pray to god 5times each day at least!
  • do respect parents and teachers.
  • don't sleep in the class! >,<
  • don't delay to do homeworks!! :O
  • rarely online!! ;(
  • rarely spamming. LOL!
  • do revision and read all those books!
mampukah aku?
huhh,, hope so. ;)

Friday, January 29, 2010

faheem playland! ;D

makan time! ;P 
cakk! ;D

waiting for tensai bakabon! ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

happy birthday che nad!

ohh che nad! kau dah tua. ;)
facts about her:
the nick name "nadelay" and "che nad" given by myself. hehe. sometimes she's also called as nad or dila. both of us were close since form 1. in form 2, her seat was next to mine. beliau juge merupakan org kuat komuniti org tue2. "nyet2", "nyewei", "sea-whale","R-Hey-Heshh!" and all the NY, BR, and D languages were created by us. LOL! her mum and bro were both funny & friendly. her dad is so cool and kind of 'sengal' when answering my phone calls. gahaha. when the song entitled UMBRELLA was a hit back then, we both love to sing the song in direct translation to Malay like this >>  "dibawah payong saye,,yongg,,yongg,eyhh,eyhh,," ROFL! ohh ya, and one more thing! we both love Daughtry damn much!! wheee~ i miss her so much! now she's schooling at SBPI Jempol. bertudungg ustazahh siot!! ;P well, skolah integrasi kann? hmm, hopefully our friendship will be last forever! ;)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

tie rack.

i got this scarf for my birthday.
thanks to my sis-in-law, kak sakeenah for giving me this as a birthday present. ;)
 i search on google for tie rack,,
anddd i found this!
think she bought it here. ;P
now i'm thinking of which baju matched to be wear with this scarf ehh? ^_____^

Sunday, January 17, 2010

pameran Jom masuk U!

17th Jan 2010.
unofficially today is the 17th day all of us being a 17 years-old kids.
hohhhoo~ bak kata far,,
"baruuu je bape hari masuk 17thn dah sibuk2 pegi pameran jom masuk U? spm pon tak lepas lagi.. ;P"
so true! seems like all of us didn't have any idea what to do at the fair.
they're busy collecting all those flyers. huhuu.
there's one uncle at a scholarship-somethingsomething (i forgot), asked us to fill in some forms,,
and some more, asked to snap a picture with him. xD
hahahaaaaa, layan kan je lah.
so here he is.:D
ahh,, today is kinda tiring!!
we're too tired to fill in those forms. haihh,,
almost every booth asked us to do so.
after finished walking around the Stadium Melawati,
we should be assembled outside of the Stadium at 4.30pm.
but as early as 4.15pm, all the others were already gone.
Far,Shikin, and me rushed to go out,,
but then suddenly there's another one uncle invited us to come to his booth.
there's no one at his booth, so maybe he was kind of bored.
then he asked,, what are we studying,,what are our ambitions,,and all. bla3,,
then he made some suggestion for us,,bla3..
but his suggestions is so not related to his booth, which is UTMM.
hahaa,, we're all science stream students,, so he couldn't talked about technical courses,,
however he helped me to think out of the box,,
what should i do next.
then he even asked us to add him at Facebook. hahaa. and we were like,, what??!!
nak kena spam dengan aku ke? ;P
ohh yaaa,,it was so havoc when we were on the way back in the bus,, hahaa. 
then suddently wan shouted,
"teddd!!! ohh ted! dimane engkau??  ni boyfriend kau carik!"
then he pointed to Yan.
then Yan said "hai ted!"
HAHAHAHAAA!! then satu bas tuu bersorak mcm org gila.
tak psl2 kne gossip. gahahahaa. klakaaa2,, takleh blaa. ;P
ianya adalah suatu ketidak sengajaan.LOL!
same goes to ayu-sarep, mira-fik, and nana-aidil, LOL!
semua jadi bahan doehh hari nih!HAHA. =,=
far and me having kebab on the bus! ;P
nyummyyy! ;D

Friday, January 15, 2010

happy birthday jil!

14th January.

the day after my birthday??
heyy! it's abdul muzil mohd azman's birthday!
sorry for the late post. :O
thanks for being one of my besties for all these years.
it has been 8 YEARS we're friends.
thanks for being so supportive to me! ;)
especially about all those conflicts,, gahahaa.
we're same,, habis madu sepah dibuang. LOL! xD
hm, only both of us doesn't go for boarding school. ;(
while the others had left us at GS. huhu.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


some people said that i'm talkative,
but some said that i don't have any mouth!!
hahaa,, what say you?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


from USA with love for mama. ;)
left: the new one. right: mine since December 08.
aikk??!! Faheem want it too?
no worries Faheem,, you got a mobile phone! ;P

Monday, January 4, 2010

first day of school!

as usual, my father sent me to school as early as 6.30 a.m. haha,, i am used to being the 1st person at school xD but this year,my class is located so far away in block G. haishh! i have to pass by so many other classes which is still dark in early in the morning. last year, when i was in 4sejahtera, our class was located just at level 1. so there's nothing to be 'scared' of. ;P oh,,waney a.k.a. Nurul Hazwani Naemuddin was the 2nd person who arrived at my class. she was running all the way to our class along the balcony coz she was too scared. hehe~ yeahh it was quite scare, i admit it. ;D and omg! the weirdest part was, Anas was the third person who arrived??!! wahahaaa,, izit your new year resolution? what did you dreamed last night? i was shocked because usually he's the one who'd be punished in front of the school gate for being late to school. hehe. :D ohh yaa, my 'tablemate' for this year is farzana balqis binti tarmizi. ahaaa,, act, at the 1st place zuraidah was the one who wanted to sit next to me. but since i want to be in the front rows, so she decided not to sit next to me coz she wanted to be in the back rows. heh~ so she sat next to shikin. okay, in front of my seat is iela's, next to her seat is Anis'. waney's is on my right. and the best part is,,niezwan sat exactly behind my seat !! senang ahh nak buli nnt. wahahahaha!! *evil laugh* ;P eh!eh! he's our new class monitor since muzil wished to resigned as the class monitor. ahahaha! i voted for him. LOL! saje jeh kenakan Niez dow. ;P okay,, next to Niez was Yan, behind yan was Anas& Piz. woahh! asal line aku ramai laki??!! =,=" but it's okay, they're all my gang! heehe. ohhohh! there's a new student.He's name is Syed Naquib something. he's teacher jamiah's son from SMA Rawang. ohh, i had once been there! during choral speaking competition last year. :) this year seems to be kind of weird. first because of the all form six students are wearing grey coloured uniform. pelik gila! and 2nd, because all boys student MUST wear their tie EVERY DAY! ahahaha! it's kinda funny when seeing some 'gangsters' dudes wearing ties. huhuu. and the weirdest part is i'm wearing orange coloured uniform! coz i'm officially a librarian this year! :D everyone kept on calling me "hoii oren,,hoii oren,," haishhh! =,=" uh, most of our teachers still remain the same as last year's. except for Bm, Physics, History, Pi, and Maths. hee. that's all for at school. right after i arrived at home, i was straight away gone to BED! ohh heaven! haha. i only slept for 2 hours last night coz i could hardly fell asleep.jet lagged maybe. gahaha.;P

Friday, January 1, 2010

new year?

omg! it's 2010 already? haaa,, how fast time flies, feels like i had just entered Form 4.
gahhhh! i had just realized that there were so many things that i had gone through in 2009.

January 2009
aku masuk kelas 4 sejahtera. humm, at first kelas tuu crowded gilaa! over than 50 students kot tak silap. mmg mcm dlm tin sardin doehh kitorang! =,=" yelaa. mane tak nye, total students yg dpt 9a & 8a je dah 45org. but cikgu saje jehh sumbat2 sume students 9a,8a,7a dlm satu kelas. dngn harapan ramai yg akan pindah boarding school nnt. so terpakse laa kami blaja dlm keadaan yg mcm night market dahh riuhhnye tuhh for the whole month. takpe fatin, sabar! sabar! ohh, time tuu aku duk blakang, tepi tingkap, sebelah cik tya ronggeng. atau name die yg aku baruu bagi time tuh iyelah cik sliper jamban. ngeee~ ;P tapi yg sedihnye tatau nape geng2 murni aku zara, hilda, nadilah, nano, sharina sume tak duduk satu geng mcm thn2 sblum. ;(
1murni 2006

February 2009 
bln ni ramai yg dngr2 citer dah dpt offer pegi SBP. ade stengah tuu guna cable org dlm. tapi aku? cable blambak je tapi tak gunekan dngn sebaik mungkin. ;'(  hm, semua dah sibuk2 check result 1st intake SBP through the net. by the end of Feb kot result kuar, kecoh semua post dkt bulletin myspace sape yg dpt first intake SBP tuu. yg dpt 1st intake time tuh tya, nadilah, eddy, ayen, [bff ku!] ajym, shahfiq, aidil, haris, hadi, tam, asbi & sape tah lagi dpt 1st intake. tak ingt la plak. ramai sngt. gheee~

March 2009
uhmm, march result utk 1st intake mrsm plak kua. sobss~ semua best friends aku dpt msk boarding schl! hilda, nano, sharina, maryam, hariz, [bff ku!] athirahzz, arif, amirah & ramai lahh lagi dpt offer boarding schl. sedih gile doehh! perghh. last day before dak2 1st intake pegi skolah baruu kitorang ade laa  buat sesi gathering nanges2 bersame dkt rumah che zare. sambil tuu nyanyi tugethergether lagu2 sedeyhh.sengal! hmm, end of the month result 2nd intake plak kuar. sobs~ the only bestfren pompn aku yg still stay gs pon pegi tinggalkan aku akhirnye. sobss~ finally zara dapat gak offer mrsm yg dinanti2. so now aku dah takde lah kembar nama "fatin" lagi. ;( aku dah kehilangan semuaaaa bestfriends pompuan aku since form one!!  sobs~ sedihnye ya allah! tapi nasib baik lahh bestfriends aku yang boys still ade lagi. niezwan, yan, piz, muzil, sarep, anas, fik & ramai lagi lahh still stay gs. koranglah penyelamat aku! cuti bln march ni pegi jakarta & bandung indon. ohh shopping!

April FOOL
april kelas 4sejahtera dah tak meriah. lengang jee. sbb ramai yg dah pindah, so cikgu transferkan budak2 6a dari 4sejati msk ke kelas kitorang. so aku pon pindah dok dkt seat paling dpn skali.[nak concentrate study laa kunun!] ermm, sebelah seat aku iela & anis. omg! tiba2 aku jadik kamceng gila ngan diorang! gahaha! semua orang pelik camne aku leh rapat ngn dorang. aku pon pelik gak kot. LOL! camne aku leh rapat ngan girls yg slama nih org label sbgi budak2 gedik skolah yea? hooho. tapi actually diorang nih tak la teruk pon. just gedik2 suke jerit2 je. so aku kawan jela ngn diorang. tapi takde la join jerit2 skali. hehe. kadang2 tu aku plak yg terlebih excited buat dorang jerit2. LOL! then aku join iela,anis,syue tuition kt ilmu sinar. perghh! first time kot seumur hidop aku g tuition. hahaa. since kecik never ever pegi tuition. ;) ohh, 4th april, hari anugrah cemerlang dkt skolah. kitorang yg dpt straight A's PMR dpt award. so ade laa chance aku lepas rindu jumpa kwn2 yg dah msk boarding schl tuu. but tak semua dpt balik asrama. ;(
hari anugerah cemerlang.
May 2009
ohh, kitorang busy practice for choral speaking competition for the whole april. bln may tiba laa masanye kitorang bertanding. tapi kalah gak masa peringkat daerah. haha. then aku ade gak involved dlm consumer quiz & kuiz pelancongan peringkat daerah. ohh, kuiz pengguna tu aku dpt naib johan peringkat daerah. tapi takleh continue prngkt negeri coz johan je yg layak. sobss~ bengang gilaa kot! beza markah sikit je dari johan tuu. hmm, other than tht, aku bnyk gak join competition2 anjuran skolah yg kecil2an nii. gahaha. taktau nape thn nih aku rajin lak join aktiviti skolah. maybe nak hilangkn stress kut. coz bln may nih aku bnyk sngt conflict doeh! omg! mid year exam!! terukk gilaa result aku. budak2 sejati pon ade yg dapat result lagi power dari aku. aku dah agak dah result aku akan drop. coz aku mmg lansung tak prepare. the whole month aku asik nangis jee manjang. dah laa ade conflict besaaaaarrr punye dkt skolah, pastu kat rumah pon ade conflict jugak. tentionnnn! two days before exam aku tidur dkt hospital. temankan sis aku. die kne operate tumor dkt neck die. time tuu mmg gila stress doehh. aku rasa give up gilaa nak mamposs! langsung takleh concentrate study. nasib baik mama ade.

 June 2009
schl holiday - family aku pegi vacation to phuket thailand. oh, finally dapat gak hlangkan stress aku slama nih. =,="  my sis dah sihat blk. alhamdulillah. but lepas  tuu ade lagi conflict belaku. +_____+ weyhh tention gilaa!! tapi alhamdulillah problem tuu dpt solved gak finally. fuhh!! then 22nd june hari yg plg mendebarkn + happy gilaa for the whole famly. cuba teka ape? haha. ofcourse lahh hari faheem lahir! yeahhh! hehe sukaa gila! hari yg ditunggu2 semua. finally aku dah jadi macikk! ahaks. beginning from tht day, aku rajin gilaa upload & tag picture faheem dkt mys. hehe. asalkan ade gambo baruu je mesti aku upload. then tag semuaaa close friends. haha. annoying gak kan aku nih? ;P pastu bln nih gak aku mulaa bertugas setiap ptg rabu dkt library. hehee. for the 1st time aku jadi librarian! tapi percubaan baruu. hehe saje buat baik beramal for the final yr dkt gs thn 2010 nnt. ;P

 July 2009
hmm, july ape jadi lak? hmm,nothing much. conflict lain2 semua dah settle, but conflict dkt skolah tuu still berlanjutan. cess! mmg bikin panas aku. such a waste of time doeh selama nih aku nangis utk sorang kwn yg kononnye dlu penah mengaku aku sbg "bestfriend terbaik dia lah konon". satu kelas dah kenal prangai kau camne laa weyh. then kau kena pulau. you deserved it! kau buat, kau tanggung sendiri ah! hmm, aku kesian kau. dah bnyk kali aku maafkan kau, but then kau buat hal lagi.lagi. dan lagiii! aku dah penat nangis. stupid gila aku. kau buat macam kau tuu innocent je. bila kau ade prob dngn ika baru terhegeh-hegehhh nak carik kawan lama kau yg bodoh nih. weh, please lah! i can't understand wht's your prob. aku dngn ika okay je. yg kau nak poyo2 sngt tuu pahal? aku dah penat dngn conflict ni!! aku tanak masam2 muka ngan sape2 doehh. aku nak kita kawan balik.tayah jadi bestfriend mcm dlu pon takpe. aku tak teringin pon. asalkan kita interact sudaa.tuje aku nak. tapi aku malas nak mintak maaf kat ko dulu coz aku takut tanggung risiko as if kau buang aku lagi mcm sblum2 nih. aku penatt kau tahuu takk? penatttt! noktah!

 August 2009
august test. result once again, teruk! i'm clueless. wahai fatin, ape dah jadi dngn anda? hm, marks for my bio paper  drop doeh! ape nak jadi? cikgu dah laa target aku dpt highest bio! cess! hm, bln ni benti tuition. aku ckp kat mama aku rase aku xde progression pon tuition kat ilmu sinar tu. so sayonara sir shan! ohh, aku tak ske sngt sir shan coz smua subject die nak pulun sorang. haha. but aku sukaaaaa gilaaaaaa2 sir max [chemistry] and sir ong [physics]. hehe. ;) eventhough sir max tuu sometimes kinda annoying coz suka berceritaa panjang lebar sampai half an hour, but pengetahuan am die mmg gila luas ahh. tabek springg doeh! ;D cerita die bestt! wheee~ pstu handwriting dia dkt whiteboard kemas gilaa! notes die senang paham. huhuu. sir ong pon best.tapi kesian salu kena buli dng syue. haha.

September 2009
 ohh eid-ul-fitri! this yr raya kat kg!! batu pahat johore mari. dah lama tak raya kg ouh. best gilaa dpt balik kali nih! dpt pegi marhaban. dpt duit raye. hohoo. and the best part dpt tngk itik makan tiap2 pagi. hehe. tapi yg tak best nye this yr tak dpt nak konvoi raye ngn geng2 semua. kalau dlu masa form 1,form2,form3 saluu pegi beraya dari rumah ke rumah ramai2 dngn zara,hil,nano,nad,tya. ohh rindu gilaa. tapi nasib baik laa hujung2 syawal tuhh zara buat opehouse. so terubat skit rindu kat zare. hm,pastu izzani pon ade buat openhouse gak. so terubat rindu kat die ngan lin. ;) ececehh!

October 2009 
ohh final exam plak. gilaa kentang! skolah lainn sume final bln nov. asal kitorang cptkn?? haishh. sabo jela. pastuu tngh2 exam week sis aku plak tunang. perghh! gile klam kabutt! kwn2 aku pon aku jemput last minutes. so tak rmi yg dpt dtg. iela,syue,anis,zuraidah,shikin,lia,ngan shiela je dpt dtg. hee. last day exam paper physics. tapi aku malas nak study. so aku dngn berbaik hatinye sehari sblum exam physics tuu aku pulun buat cuppies fondant utk farzana for her birthday. ni kira kes nak mengelat laa ni. bole plak kan? HAHA. nasib baik laa physics aku okay. [okay jelaa. tapi tak A pon! hish teruk!!]

November 2009
ohh lps exam gile heaven doehh! pegi skolah main2 mcm dak skola rendah. hahaa. time nih laa aku bnyk luangkan masa dngn geng2 dak blakang aku,, zuraidah, far, shikin, lia, mais sume2 laa. hari2 aku bawak playing cards gempak. dorang plak ade yg wk happy family, uno, & sume mainan kanak2 laa. hehe. best gile. thanks korang buat aku happy & lpekan sme probs!

December 2009
ohh, bnyk spent utk pegi tuition dngn mak anas. addmaths weyh!! huhuu. mak die garangg! tapi best! ;) hm, pastu aku g delivery brg, terjah umah org, study grouping, makan tido online.makan tido online hari2,celebrate birthday org, vacation pegi bkt tinggi indon. pstu pegi family day. pastu tolong mak aku kire parcel paper spm. LOL! pastu tolong kejutkan mak aku kalau tetido time marking paper.haha. tu jelaa activity aku for the whole schl holiday. ;) haha

the end. hopefully message dkt bln july tuu tersampai dkt org nya.