Friday, January 25, 2013

feminine in me?

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
okay, earlier this semester, a notice was posted by my campus's Head of Student Representative Council on my faculty's Facebook group informing about the new rules made for us.
He stated that we've got to wear the so called 'corporate image' attires from Monday to Friday. No more t-shirt or whatsoever casual type clothes.
That wasn't a problem for me coz i always wear Baju Kurung almost every day.
but the thing is that he also stated that the ladies have got to wear high heels to class. like WHATTT?? :O
and the worst part was that the rules are only applicable to the business students. T_T
so SAD! i could no longer wear my favourite pairs of sneakers with Baju Kurung to the class like i always did then.
i've been so passionate in wearing sneakers since long long time ago.
if you noticed in my older entries, you may see that i wore sneakers like all the time.

i even matched sneakers with Baju Kebaya back then. HAHA. i could still remember when i was celebrating Hari Raya with my girlfriends in 2006, one of my friends' relative said to me "your dress is kinda beautiful, but somehow the shoes don't suit the dress at all, dear" Pengg~*facepalm.jpg. LOL!

Okay, back to the 'NEW RULES' issue. At first, i was planning to pretend to be other faculty's students instead of following the new rules.
but not long after that, i get used to wear the heels to the class.
going up and down the seminar rooms and lecture rooms in high heels by using the stairs shows how strong we girls actually are. :P 

the feminine in me has finally revealed. >,<
yet, the only thing that other girls do and  i'm still so NOT INTO IT right now is,,,MAKE-UP!
yes. i'm just too lazy to 'draw' on my face. HEH.
i'd rather let my face look hideous than hindering it from breathing freely.
p/s: that's just my current opinion, don't blame me if i changed my mind in the next ten years. THEEHEEE~

with that, i'd like to end this entry here with a picture of Bella who walked with her bare foot after class. ;DDD