Sunday, May 8, 2011

mother's day. :)

 7th May 2011.
السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
first of all, i would like to wish all mothers in the world HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! ;)
 erm,, yesterday i went to the curve with Kak Ija and Eben.
*kak ija is my sis-in-law's youngest sis, while eben is my sister's friend since high school.*
actually Eben wanted to go out with Kak Ija alone,, but Kak Ija asked me to accompany her,,
so we set out the outing to be on yesterday,,
due to the traffic jam and some misunderstanding on my FB wall, Eben was late.
by rights, Kak ija wanted Eben to pick up us around 11a.m to 12noon,
she typed "11-12 tnghari..." then i replied "11 minus 12 equals to -1. :D"
i was just kidding,,but Eben thought that that's mean 1 o'clock! :P
because of waiting too long,,it was about more than 1hour,,so Kak ija got angry and wanted to go to curve by her car. (even though she's actually 'buta jalan'! :D)
she said, "tak kira!! Kak ija dah fed up ni!!" HAHA. to me that was funny not scary. :P
after that we took the DUKE highway,, then i called Kak Mawaddah to ask what's next.
she told us,after the tol gate,, we must "keep right, ehh no no! keep left,,no! keep right!"
so we did keep right,, few seconds later Kak Mawaddah called us back and said that we must keep left act,,
HAHAA. since we had gone to the wrong way,, she told us to U turn,,
but the road devide into two then,, and Kak ija took the left one,,
but the left one was the exit to Setiawangsa! LOL! we should took the right one.
the right one is always the RIGHT choice.ROFLOL!
kasihan,, we're on the wrong way,, AGAIN! xD
after we reached Jalan Gombak back, Eben called and asked us to return back to my home and get into his car. hahaa~
so we did,, and Kak ija kept on 'membebel' towards Eben along the way. hahaa~
we bought the Fast 5 movie tickets right after we reached there,,
then we had lunch at Vivo pizza &panini,, i ate the Oriental Baked Rice,,
(kunun nak makan nasi sebab lapaaa~ tapi nasi dia ciput jee.-,-")
okayhh,, the lunch for the three of us cost about RM70++
(duhh~ biar saya masak sendiri saje lah taukehh,,)
after lunch we walked around the Ikano + Ikea,, (actually not we, coz Eben was always not with us,,since Kak ija and i walked too fast and disappeared from his sight most of the time. LOL!)
at 4.30pm we rushed from the Ikea to the cinema, coz the movie will be start at 4.40pm,,
and there were lots of distactions to kak ija,, ohh myyy tudung~dress~accessories~bags~ LOL!
okay fast and furious 5 was great,,packed with action! kak ija was so excited while watching it. haha~
after the movie we went to Pet Safari, the pet shop at ikano to buy Ahmad Patrick's food.
*Amad Patrick is my tortoise's name.heee~*
see,,the price is RM22.00!! (T_T) at Carefour, it cost only RM18.50 okay.
hmm,, i only brought 45 hengget! i was planning to buy a frame at Ikea.
so i need to find a large frame at the price of less than 23hengget okay!
afterwards we went to ikea back,,and yess!! i found  a large frame which cost only RM16.90!
 after kak ija found her stuffs for college,,we went back to Gombak.
on our way,, i told kak ija that i left the shawl i bought the day before, in Kak ija's car.
i bought the shawl for my mum as the mother's day gift,,
but kak ija left the plastic bags at her house,,
so we asked eben to drop us at 'rumah jiran Sosilawati'. LOL!
*kak ija's house is behind Sosilawati's house, the late controversial cosmetic millionaire.
after i get the shawl, my brother sent me home,, :)
right after i reached home, i wrapped the gift and put it on my mum's dressing table. ;) 
this morning my mum thanked me for the shawl,,
she said that at first, she thought that it was the 'cloth sling',,
the one that PBSM use for support an injured arm. :P
biasalahh,,cikgu sekolah kan. xD 
 before that,,meh kita try dulu. :P


  1. gile mahal makanan kure2. kat kedai akuarium yg jual basikal kt area otk tu rm6.00 je kot.

  2. same besar yg macam ko beli ni lah, tp jenis lain . yg rm6 tu botol die wrne hijau

  3. ohh,,yg dkt carefour tu pon warna hijau gak. ermm,,nnt aku bli situ la klo habis.
    nway,thnks for the info.