Tuesday, May 3, 2011


3rd May 2011.
السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
bismillahirrahmanirrahim. (in the name of Allah,the most beneficent and the most merciful) << this is the word which i expressed the most in my heart today.
fuhhh~ as stated in the title of this entry,, i don't know why do i feel so happy today! :)
yeahh,,as i told in the previous previous previoussss entry,, i got an interview call at PPUM for the nursing course. hahaa.
luckily my interview is on the same date with Far a.k.a. Farzana Balqis Tarmizi.
yup,she was my schoolmate-cum-classmate-cum-tablemate (she was sitting next to me in the class),,plus she was sitting in front of me in the exam hall when we were taking the SPM papers.
and now we're going for the same interview.HAHAA.
okay, both of my parents, my brother and sister couldn't send me to PPUM,, coz they're working today.
so i have no choice other than buat muka tak tahu malu menumpang kereta kakak si cik Farzana kita nih. :PPP
erm,,first, at 10 a.m. we met up at school,,
i have to get the confirmation of the head teacher on the photocopies of my ID card.
fortunately the other photocopies of certificates had been approved by my dad's officemate.
if not,,we had to wait much longerrrrr,,
whee~ i met Teacher Aishah,teacher jammy,and Ms. Azlinawati. :)
oh farzana was also need some verification for some of her cert.
so around 10.30a.m start our journey to Lembah Pantai~~~
wheee~ awalnya! semangat betul sis ni.heh~
then we stop at a foodcourt somewhere in Lembah Pantai. (i don't have idea where was the place.heee~)
i ate plain rice with Kangkung goreng and Ayam Masak Merah! :D
thanks sis for belanja me! ;)
around 11a.m we already arrived at PPUM,,
since the interview will be start at 2, so we walked to the the foodcourt at the trauma ward to meet Far's aunties who are working there.
ouppsy, on our way to the trauma ward, we bumped into a guy.
the way he speak i think he's an italian guy.
he asked us where's the engineering faculty,,then we were like..."errk? ni PPUM lah derr,, there's no faculty of engineering in here"
i don't know why did i answered "erm,sorry we're not familiar with this place too"
when he heard my reply he straight away went further into PPUM.
OMG!! why don't i told him that this is PPUM not the UM.duhh~
pity him,,bad me! =,='
later around 1.25p.m we went to the prayer room to perform solat Zohor.
right after performing Zohor, Far's aunt brought us to the interview room using the shortcuts. ;)))
nice! out of 70++ candidates,, only 12 attended.
Farzana's name on the list was number 50 and mine was 57.
but i'm the first person interviewed by the interviewers in Room 2,, while Farzana was interviewed in Room 1.
my interviewers were a Chinese and a Malay lady.
so i have to speak both Malay and English language.
while Farzana's interviewers were both Malay,,so she was only interviewed in Bahasa Malaysia.
however, i think i was luck for getting Room 2,, both of them were so nice,,i think. ;)
amazingly i could answer all of their questions fluently,,but still got some "errrm" sounds. :P
hehe~ seriously, i can't avoid that while answering questions.
after the interview we need to take some test,,errkk~ i forgot the name of the test, but it was something like personality test or career interest test at level 4.
and i answered the questions honestly. seriously i don't recheck the questions. LOL!
after finished answering all of the questions, i waited for Farzana outside with her sis and parents of a candidate from Kemaman,Ganu.
the mother was so talkative and asked me so many thingsss. hahaa~
later Far had done with the test, thus Gombak here we come!! :)
thanks Farzana's sister for sending me to my home sweet home! :)

ohhh, i've got another interview tomorrow!
heee~ just relax Fatin,,cool! cool! :DDD
but remember,,don't bring  along or wear any metal things!!
i cannot wear even my fav. colourful bangles,,
coz the alarm would always ringing when i went through the  metal detector while wearing the bangles.
so tomorrow lenggang kangkung saja lah ye. :P

anyway, goodluck to Yanie and Mujil for the next PPUM interview!
good luck to Pedot as well for the SPA interview this Thursday!! ;)
epic PHAIL! -,-"

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