Monday, May 2, 2011

royal wedding. LOL!

1st May 2011.
السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
hehee~ this entry has nothing to do with the 'Royal Wedding' at all.
so, for those who's looking for that, sorry kbye! :P
erm, yesterday i went to Zara's house.
*Zara a.k.a. fatin azzahra,, i often call her "Zare" instead. heh,,*
since her birthday and 4 other relatives of her is on the month of May,
 so her family had organized a family gathering-cum-'birthday party'-cum-friends gathering. :DDD
but the friends was only Hilda, Khalida,and me.
 so i guess it was not so friends gathering kot. :0
whatever,,so here's some of the pictures.

p/s: sorry for the blurry pictures.
 i was using videocam, so the size of these pictures are only 140 to 150+ KB. -,-"

 the bride. LOL!
 the bride and the bridesmaids. :P
 Kak Farah, two of Zara's cousins,Jijus,and che zare. ;)
Hilda 'Tajima' and Kelly 'Clarkson'. :P
 comels sangats! :)
 Hana kept on saying that she don't want to go back to her boarding school in Transkrian. :/
Kelly malu malu pula. ^^
 with Khalida.
with Hilda.


  1. hepi besday untuk hang punye kawan...dah follow hang..jom follow saye balik =)

  2. thanks gadis tak bergerak! errkk? o_O
    a.k.a. gadis statik. heee~