Saturday, May 7, 2011

i hate this part. >,<"

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
i believe most of you had known that yesterday the UPU result was released at 12noon!
darn!! i was going out with Kak ija at that time to watch the movie THOR.
at 12.40pm mujil miss called me then SMS to ask about the UPU result,,
at that moment i was at the Subway, so quickly i tried to excess the UPU website by using my ipod touch,,
but the line was like..erghh~ -,-"
afterwards, my dearest cousin, Yah a.k.a Nadzirah Talib called me and she was also asking me the same question.LOL!
"Yah, Tin dekat wangsawalk ni,, so tak check lagi UPU,,yah boleh tolong check kan?"
then i gave my IC number,,
later on, she SMS me this way.. "Fatin dpt UITM Diploma..."
when i saw the letters U.I.T.M i felt very relieved,,
coz yeah,,i really hope that i could get either UM,UIA, or UITM,,
so i thought that at least i could get my third choice, which is Food Tech at UITM,,
but when i scroll down the message i saw..
"Pengajian Perniagaan."
suddenly i felt like someone punched me right in the face. Dush~dush~ T_T
i'm not really sure about this 6th choice of mine. SOS!
thus, i started to feel uncomfortable all the way longggg,
 and was making the annoying sobbing sounds towards Kak ija in every 5 minutes. LOL!
she advised me to go for the matriculation programme in Perlis since i'm interested to pursue my studies in the Food Tech course,,
then at 2.30pm we watch the movie Thor,, i was quite blur at the beginning,,
coz the 'cuak'ness is still in the air,,
but then i start to forgot bout the UPU thinggy,,however the sad ending had remind me to this UPU thinggy back. adeihh~
heeee~ sorry for being so annoying today yeah Kak ija? :P
and thanks for helping me to choose the most gorgeous shawl as my mother's day present. :D
plus, thanks for the cute bracelet and charms. theee~
uhhm, back to the story about UPU..
after came back home,i straight away grabbed the lappy and checked the result by myself,,
and uhmm,
nice. i'm totally depressed till i foolishly and involuntarily cried in front of my family members. dush~ dush~ :'[
lalalaaa~ -,-"
seriously i'm totally confused whether to choose the science matrix or the dip in business study.
at first, when my friends asked me which one i would prefer,i said the matrix.
but then when a friend of mine since primary school, Nur Syafiqah gave me a helpful link which tell us the pros and contras between the matriculation, foundation, and diploma,,
 i think, the diploma programme is much better for me.
but i donno, maybe tomorrow i would change my mind againnn,,
ya allah, berikanlah aku petujuk & hidayahmuuu~ :')
oh, i almost forget to tell ya that i got...
the uitm campus at Kuala Pilah,,
hey,, Kuala Pilah~ that's my late grandma's hometown! :)
ohh wait! wait!
the registration day will be on the 21st of May! while matrix will be on the 23rd of May! and i'll fly to US on the 28th of May. ohhh my,, :/ what a busy week i'll be facing. >,<

p/s: ohh, when Kak ija and i was at the JJ AU2, there's a group of people came to us with the booms,camera,microphones,etc. and said to us..
"kak,kak,, nak interview pasal AF(Akademi Fantasia) sikit boleh tak?"
we were both like.. errk?? AF? duhhh~ =,=
"erm,,sorry la kak,tak tengok laa AF." :P

and that's the end! ;)


  1. tin, hus pun dpt dip.pengajian perniagaan kat kuala pilah .. but hus tak pergi pun .. hus amek mtrx kat perlis .. =)

  2. aku pun xtau weh nak msk mane. due2 dpt tmpt same, and upu tu lak ak x expect pun leh dpt pilihan ke 6. igtkan dpt lah 1st choice aku. ;(

  3. hus: tin pun dapat matrix perlis. kita mg ada jodoh laa. ;)

    muzil: erm,, lawyer wanna be right? :)
    so kau pilih la matrix,so lps matrix one year amik la law. kalau kau pilih uitm kne tungu 3 years wehh,,sia2 je kalau ko nak sambung law lps tu.

  4. tah ah weh, matriks family aku cm xbg pegi je.

  5. ko ckp la kat parents ko yg ko nak jadi lawyer gak.
    mesti diorang sokong gak nnt.
    yg aku ni plak mak aku suh decide sendiri,,
    sobs~ pening2,,