Saturday, August 4, 2012

fix you.

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
if you've already read my previous emotional and 'picture-less' entry last weekend on the July 29th, i guess you must have got a rough idea on what am i going to talk about once you saw the picture i posted up here isn't it?

yup, it's a picture of a humble and not-so-cool-hand-made-card by me,
 which i gave it to one of my good friend here, a day after the so called 'tragedy' has happened.
thanks God, it's not that long i have to suffer with all those tears streaming down my cheeks, like what i've experienced long time ago back in 2008.
those days back then was the most horrible moment i ever had in my life. it's like the end of the world! like seriously!
well, luckily i've been thinking of what Ayu have said to me that night (the inspiring and calming words of her that i quoted onto my previous entry). uhh, i've been thinking of it for the whole day! :O
 and yes! i'm now is in the process of being IKHLAS towards each and everyone of my friends for all the things i've DONE and WILL DO for them after this. :)
so, for the very first step, i've decided to make this 'lil effort' in order to fix things and stop all the dramas that i think i was the one who initiated it. isn't it? haha.
Alhamdulillah, Allah seems to hear my prayer. My life's getting better now. i believe that He always set things to happen for a reason.
Sooner or later, i'll get tons of the best of the best 'True Friends' as i wished. insyaallah. amin. ;)

"i promise you i will learn from my mistake" - coldplay.
as usual, with that i'd like to end my entry here with 'some' of my pictures with my friends which i took recently during our class' iftar gathering.

 and during the enjoyable Madam Ika's class. :)
and also, during the day our class won the 3rd place for the Choral Speaking Competition. yeahh! ;D