Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DIY wall clock. :D

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
 and good morning to everyone! :D
today i woke up at 4 a.m. after having such a long dream which i think could be categorize as 'nightmare'. LOL!
i guess it was the adaptation from the movie i watched yesterday on DIVA universal entitled link: 'Playing for Keeps',,
but somehow in my dream, there's a natural disasters happened instead,, which claimed the lives of the kid in my dream. :O
phewww~ what a tragic nightmare!
okayy,, so after i woke up, i just can't fell asleep back.
thus, i decided to do something that won't drive me bored. something crafty to be specific! ;)
suddenly i remembered that the other day, i saw an entry by Mrs. Caca @ i like paper cutting on link: add spice to your clock,,
it reminds me to the wall clock that i decorated back in 2006 when i was 13 years old! :D
 but the one that i made previously [as seen on picture above] was made of coloured paper only.
therefore, this time i would like to do something different by using fabric instead of paper like the way Mrs. Caca had done. ;))
these are the remaining fabrics i took from my tailor. 
Caca is one of my online 'sifu' on craft! ;)
 i admire her blog so so much!!
plus, her children are so cute! ke-ai!!
how to made one??

what you'll need are:
~ a wall clock. [i was using the one that it's 'face' had broken.HAHA]
~ a fabric.
~ a manila card or any magazine's hard cover for the base.
~ double sided tape.
~ a pen to draw the outline. :D

 1. open it's front lid.

2. pick the fabric that you would like to use.
so i pick this one!! :)
3. draw the outline using the lid.
4. cut out the round shape, then cut a straight line towards the center and made a hole in the center.
5. next, stick the fabric on the manila card which had been sticked up to the clock's 'face'.
6. close and tighten the lid.
and,, this is the result! tadaaaa~


  1. kain yg wrne merah tu mcm bju kurung ko
    takan ko gne untk jam tu gak ? HAHA

  2. meman semua tu kain balance dari baju kurung aku+mak aku+kakk aku pun. :DDD
    yg aku pilih buat jam tu kan kain baju yg aku pakai masa wedding kak aku tu. :P

  3. ooh aku igt ko sngup potong bju kurung ko untk jam tu xDD

  4. hahahaaa~
    orang kurang waras je buat cmtu. :D