Monday, April 4, 2011

3rd April 2011 - it was a sunny day and a super SUNdayy! :D

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
3rd of April 2011 was Iela's wedding day..
ehh,, correction! it was Iela's sister's okie! :P
the uniqueness of this wedding ceremony was the food served,,
all of it was cooked by her mum!
but the wedding was very very hectic,,
so right after all of us (me, Tya, Wan, Eddy, Apiz, Yan, Qutbi) had finished our meal,
we made a move to give chance to the other guest.
[cecehh~ayat bajet baik :P]
after that,, we sent Tya back to her home sweet home,,
next i changed into Eryn's car,we picked up Hariz,,
then, Wangsa Walk! here we come~  ;D
okayy,,aku dengan slumber kodok nye main bowling in Baju Kurung. :D
be proud of our own national dress k. :P
okay, i was over excited & laughed out LOUD!
Yan look happy at the moment since he got highest mark at that time. ;)
while Wan,, :[  Qutbi, :/  and Eddy, :(
later on,,luck was on the others side. ahahaha~
and there you go,, i'm the LOSER!
epic PHAIL! :D
 after the game,we went to the NZ nearby to munch some Mamak's food. :)
all of us ordered Roti Canai except for Apiz,, he had tosai instead.
so while we were waiting for the mamak to made our meals 1cm per hour,,
Eddy was playing my nephew's toy which i was accidentally brought along in my so called 'Doraemon bag'.
actually i brought along Faheem's toy in my super large bag the other day when i was going out with him,,then i've forgot to took out the toy from my bag.
that's why it's inside my 'Doremon bag'. LOL!

p/s: Eryn named my bag as 'Doremon bag' coz you can found everything inside it.
well,, ya know the Japanese comics-cum-TV cartoon named Doraemon which got a very large pocket in front of its chest. :D
 oh man,,at the first place they thought that the figura toy is a voodoo doll.ROFLOL!
r u kidding?? so not me okay! xD
on our way back home,,we sang along the English songs on Eryn's big bro's CD.
Good Bye My Lover by James Blunt, Seven Days by Craig David,and Breaking Free by Vanessa Hudgens was among the songs we sang along. gahaha~
and someone at the back seems had revealed his real personality. xD
amboii~ all this while he seems to be a 'camera shy lah konon' plus, not a very LOUD person,,
but dunno why all the way back he was singing like crazy.-,-"
and seems to be a very photogenic person huh?
just check these out>>
and that was the end of our journey for the day!
right after i reached home, my sister-in-law's family came.
i had promised Kak ija, my sis-in-law's younger sister, to bake a cake for her.
so next, we were having the cake together!
as what i thought,, Faheem excitedly said "duck duck" when he saw the image on the cake!
awww~ so cute!! ;)
if YOU readers noticed, previously i've posted an entry about how to made the duckling icing [HERE].
not long after that, they were away to Kuantan to sent kak ija back to her college at UIAM.
but faheem would like to stay with his Atok at our home for a while.
and that's the end!


  1. correction !
    aku mkn nasik goreng ok !
    tpe , psl aku jer lupe ~

  2. hahahaaa~
    tacink ahh kauu! :D
    ahhh,,kau sendiri pun lupa kau mkn ape,,
    nak ckp org plak. :0
    kau makan nasik goreng am** nye! :P