Thursday, April 28, 2011

matrix oh matrix.

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
errk~ this morning i checked my application for matriculation programme.
ohh,, i got the Perlis state matriculation!!
it's so far from KL,, but the distance doesn't bother me much,,
but what i'm worry about now is the date of registration!
it will be on the 23rd of May!
and i'll be on vacation from the 28th of May till the 13th June. :(
errmm,,can i apply to postpone this? and how??
somemore,,my sister said that actually the diploma programme is better than the matriculation programme.
and even the form 6 too is much better.
aishhh~ i'm totally confused whether i should go or not. :O
nway,,congrats to all my friends who got the matrix offer.
to those who didn't get but really hope for this,insyaallah u'll get the next intake. :)
ohh,, i heard that my friends; Ayen, Waney, Nana, Muba and Apiz got the Perlis matriculation too!
insyaallah, see ya in Perlis yeah? ;)