Monday, November 28, 2011

Salam Maal Hijrah 1433H new year! :)

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;) 
it has been almost a week i lived in Beting 'highland'. hehe~
and i don't know why somehow i could suddenly changed into a 'morning person' there! :D
so, down here is the early morning view from my window.
as you can see,, it's fogging near the hills. and that's a very soothing and chilling scenery for me. ;)
around 9 o'clock and above, there would be a group of Agro-Tech students farming in the farms nearby.
they're just so cool in their own way by wearing that paddy hat. ;)
suddenly something unexpected crossed in my mind,, guess what??
. . . . . . . . . . . . . 
. . . . . . . . .
. . .
hehe, i thought this course must be fun to be learn too right? :P
okay, enough Fatin! don't you try to ruin your study time ever again by changing course or whatever. HAHA.
okay, last Monday night, as everyone had known i guess, there was a football match between Malaysia and Indonesia.
where Malaysian team won the game,,and everyone screamed out loud all night long.
and the cafeteria or a.k.a. Anjung Makan was fully packed with all the Harimau Malaya's die hard fans.
actually i also love to watch football match between the local's and other countries with my family members at home, but seeing this overcrowded condition makes me think twice about watching it over here.
this situation would probably suffocates me i think. heh~
luckily i could also see this through my window! :D
and the best part is, there's a market on Wednesday evening!
i think it would be opened every Wednesday,,hope so!
coz i'm getting bored with the food from Anjung. :P
and know what, the food here's quite expensive compared to KL's price.
from my observation, the food seller here put on the price depending on the quantity of different dishes we picked, not depending on the quantity of the food we took. :O
my lunches and dinners everyday could possibly reach up to RM4.30 without drinks.
[well,,i always bring my own water in my drinking bottle in order to cut cost.]
even if i only ate half of a plate of plain rice with a small cut of omelet and few slices of 'masak lemak pucuk rebung' would cost me RM 2.50. duhh~
HAHA,, i could still remember, there was one day before i went to night class at 7.30 p.m,, i quickly took a little quantity of fried rice since i'm afraid that i'll be late to the class which will be started at 8.10p.m,,
 and i didn't realized that the quantity was super little,, and then i showed the styrofoam container to the food seller,,
after that the food seller frowned and was like. . ."errkk,, why so little???" *sigh*
she reluctantly said "80 cent." HAHA.
and that was the cheapest dinner i ever had there,,
and i kept coming to that stall the next days. :D
coz the aunty recognizes me. and always give discount for my foods. :P 
i realized that i have to pay RM2.60 ONLY at her stall for the same dishes i bought for RM3.50 from the other stall. ;)))
on Friday morning before i go to class, i called my mum telling that all of my housemates will be going back home that day,,
the day before, she told me don't go back home coz she'll be busy teaching private home tuition for those SPM candidates straight from Sat to Monday,,
[well, Biology paper will be held on next Wednesday. as usual,,last minute brush up. -,-"]
while my dad will also be having a class on Monday,,
so that no one could send me back here on Monday after my 3 days holiday ends.
and suddenly she allowed me to come home,,but by myself. :D
yeayy~ so i immediately SMS Mas, telling her that i'll be going back home with her,,
since her house is in Bukit Antarabangsa,, so she'll be on the same track with me on the way back to KL! :P
so we did went to Pekan Kuala Pilah together at 11a.m. by a taxi drove by a 'drift' aunty,,LOL!
at Pekan Pilah we met up Kinah, and took a bus to Seremban,, and then took KTM to KL Central from there,,
we reached at KL Central at 2.20p.m. and had lunch there. :)
Mas Elida Sophia and Sakinah Zainol were busy posting status on FB using their BlackBerry while waiting for the very bad service of Kenny Rogers Roaster at KL Central. ahah~
i ate the Quarter Chicken Set meal with Garden Pasta Salad and the banana muffin! 
*actually i ordered the chocolate muffin,,but it was out of stock,duhh~
while Mas and Kina ate Quarter Chic meal with Mac and Cheese. :D
but Mas said the Mac and Cheese here not taste that good like in other KRR. :O
yeahh,, i think so,, i taste Mas' macaroni and i think it was not really well mixed with the cheese. :]

after having lunch, Kina went to UM to met her friends while Mas and I ride the LRT to Setiawangsa Station and Taman Melati Station respectively. :D


  1. untunglah dapat lek kl

  2. untunglah dia balik kl weekends ni,,
    aku tak balik dah. haha.

  3. muzil memang dari haritu jelez manjang ngan aku.
    hahaha~ :P
    tapi weekends ni dia takde program mcm aku,, aku plak yg jelez ngan dia. lol~ :DDD