Monday, November 21, 2011

hi, i'm a 'junior' here. please guide me. =,="

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;) 
hokayy, today i've moved into my new room at college.

 at a new block, living with a new roommate, and of course new housemates too.
 i've arrived at Kuala Pilah around half past ten this morning.
and i was the first person who arrived among my housemates.
errr,, last semester i arrived here around 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
uhuh~ the idiom "PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME" indeed very very fit me well. LOL!

the reason why did i managed to get here earlier this time was because my parents and i stayed for a night in Port Dickson yesterday. 
lol. if not because of that, and we went here from home instead, i think either me, my mum, or my dad would be delaying the time by watching tv, surfing the net, or maybe still asleep. xD

so hmm,, all along the way from PD to here, PilahDelphia,, i kept on praying to god that i'll be placed at either the SP3 college or SM5 college,,
coz at SP3, there's my ex-housemate comes bestfriend : Anne!
while SM5 was my previous college when i entered for a week. HAHA.
plus, Sakinah and Izzani are still at SM5,, :')
however,, i was placed in the middle of the two blocks instead, which is SP4 college. ayoyoyoo~
redha sahaja. :')

at least, i still got a proper accomodation here right?
Allah is great,
there must be a reason why i didn't get either Anne, Izzani, or Kina as my housemate,,
maybe because the three of them are taking Science course, and most of my housemates now are taking the same course with me. :)

wheeee~ i went to Anne's room this evening after having dinner with my housemate and their friends.
she immediately hugged me when she saw me. awww~ :') 
we had a chat for almost an hour.
and then i went back to my room coz i'm afraid that my roommate couldn't enter the room, since i was the one who hold the key. ;)

oh anyway, my roommate is from Cheras, she's taking the same course with me, but Part 2 and her name is Farahin. she's from Cheras.
another girl in the room next to mine was Farahin's roommate in last semester.
her name is Shafina. also taking Business Part 2, and from Tmn Melati, Gombak.
and her roommate is a senior called Kak Ana, from Part 4, taking Dip in Science.
wow~ she's quite talkative, she talked a lots with my parents. plus, she's also a comander for Kesatria Negara. :]
and in another room next to the toilet, there's a friendly senior named Kak Shafiqa, she's taking Dip in Textile Tech, she's still in Part 3, actually she should be now in Part 4, but she also extended her studies just like me. :|
oh and she's from Gombak too! ---Sungai Kertas to be specific. :D
and her roommate is also a Business student, a senior from part 6! :O
her name is Kak Farah from Bangsar. ;)

ohhh my,, i gotta pen off now!
tomorrow morning i have to go meet the HEA's officer and re-register myself as a student here. (T_T)
till then, c ya!

here are some pictures i took within this two days :
the view as seen through my window. ;)
my bed + study table.
i had just realized that i got quite a lot of pink/ red colour clothes. LOL!
now i know why did a friend of mine once asked me whether pink is my favourite colour or not. -,-"
actually it's my mum's fav. colour.
and i would always agree with her choice when it comes to pink. haha.
empty bottles. i forgot to fill it up. duhh~
 my own-made refashioned bottle with my name on it. :DDD
my favourite part among all. WOW WHEEE~ a lots of food here! :P

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