Thursday, October 25, 2012

#picturesoflove : Ramadhan & Syawal 1433H (2012)

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
as i promised before,  here is my so called 'first episode' of #picturesoflove series! :D
as i highlighted in the title of this entry, it's about my life during the Islamic month of Ramadhan and Syawal.
throughout Ramadhan, most of my days were spent at campus since i only came back home twice.
which was during the 1st day of Ramadhan, and the last 3 days before we entered the month of Syawal.
Thus, down here is a picture of my meal to break my fast for most of the days i stayed at college.
looks delicious isn't it? :D
during the fasting month, i managed to cut down my spending to only RM5 per day! ;)
the rice costs me RM4 while another RM1 was spent to buy sweet & refreshing drinks.
heh, during normal days i usually bring along my drinking bottle where ever i go in order to avoid spending my money on water.
but during this fasting month, i don't know why,, i just can't resist those mouth watering drinks!
*picture source : Google Image
 after getting tired of the same menu at our Bazaar Ramadhan, Fiza, Zack and i finally decided to Iftar in the Pilah Town. :D
 after i get home 3 days before the Eid, i had once Iftar with my former classmates during secondary school. it was on the 28th of Ramadhan to be exact.
at first we decided to break our fast in Wangsa Walk,but due to fully booked tables in restaurants there, we finally Iftar at NZ Curry House nearby.
HAHAHA. i guess that was the first time i had 'Mamak' food to break my fast for my entire life! xD
oh, not to forget, we also had our side dishes which was Pizzas!
what a weird combination huh? Mamak + Pizza. :O
 uhmm, i actually brought along my old Bio book on that evening.
there was a lil 'mystery message' wrote by one of my classmate, which the person was actually promised me to reveal the message after we finished school. 
but naahhh~ it's still remain a mystery. -,-
1st Syawal, as usual it's the day which people would usually gathered with their extended family members and ask for forgiveness from each other.
 see, my little nephew and niece were trying to gain everyone's attention with those cute pose. :DDD
*picture source : Kak Keenah
On the 2nd of Syawal, Afif invited me and Muzil for a visit to his house. Ohh my, it was quite some time i didn't met his mum! and finally we both met again, and how glad i was when she could still remember my name and all.
i could still remember that his mum had once taught me, Afif, Iela, Syue, and Anis the Additional Maths subject back in 2009. ;)
 however, we visited his house for quite a short time.
coz not long after we had a little chat with his mum, Afif suggested to visit Firdaus, another friend of us who was infected with measles.
The funny part was that Afif influenced us to accompany him to Wangsa Walk Mall afterwards just to had Popeyes for lunch??!!! HAHAHA. 
Heyy, everyone eat Rendang on first and 2nd of Eid lah Afif!! no one eat Popeyes! -,-"
 On 3rd day of Eid, Ayu's mum held an open house for the friendsss. :D
so yeah, we met again.
the menu was Laksa, Ketupat, Rendang, Meehun Goreng, okay too much to list out!
 and then on the 5th day of Eid, Iela organized another gathering for us!
the main menu was Mee Bandung! yummeyh~ but i had fever on that day, causing me to partially loss of taste. :(
 and finally on the 6th of Syawal, me and most of the other members of Sejahterian held our annual 'Raya Convoy' event for the third year! :)
for the past 2 years, we usually went to Liya's, Zue's, and Shila's house first early in the morning, then only we go down to Wan's, Yan's, Syarif's, Eryn's and all the other kids house till late in the evening. :)
but this year, we change the route the other way round! they came to my house first, then only i joined them to visit Afif's(AGAIN), Mira's, Eryn's, Yan's, Wan's, and the so called 'tiga serangkai' girls' houses. :D
 so here are some of the pictures. . . :)
 okay, that's all for now.
till then, c ya in the next #picturesoflove entry!

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