Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Malaysian Dish Recipe :Smooth Egg Tofu in Oyster Sauce! :D

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
as i promised in the last entry where i shared a Black Pepper Squids recipe, here is my recipe of Smooth Egg Tofu!!
~3 cylinders of Smooth Egg Tofu [a.k.a. Tahu Jepun]
~Cooking Oil
~3 cloves of Garlic
~Broccoli, Baby Corns, [or any other crunchy vegetables]
~Salt / Fish Sauce
~2 tbsp oyster sauce
~2 tbsp sweet soy sauce [Kicap Manis]
~1 egg
~mixture of 1/2 tbsp of Corn flour with 2tbsp of water *optional*

1) Carefully cut the packaging of the Smooth Egg Tofu on the dotted line.
2) Slowly and very carefully remove the Tofu out from the packaging by letting the Tofu slide out by itself.
3) Slice the Tofu cylinder into 7 to 9 round pieces depending on the thickness that you would prefer.
4) fry in cooking oil until a thin 'skin' appeared on the outside.
 [i think it would be better if you fry them until it turned golden brown and crispy on the outside. hmm~ i should be a bit more patient next time!] 
5) then, Set aside the fried Tofu. 
6) To made the sauce, heat some Oil in a wok.
7) Add in the chopped Garlic and saute until fragrant.
8) Add in the Broccoli and Baby Corns together with Oyster Sauce and Sweet Soy Sauce a.k.a. Kicap Manis. and stir-fry for awhile.
9) Add in a cup of Water. if you wanted the sauce to be thicker, add in the Corn Flour mixture into the sauce. Let the sauce simmer and vegetables become tender.
10) Finally, add in the Chilli and crack an Egg into the mixture before add in the Tofu back into the wok. 
11) Stir very gently and turn off the heat once the mixture comes to a boil. voila! your Smooth Egg Tofu a.k.a. Tahu Jepun are now ready to be eaten! 

As usual, all Malaysian food are always best served with Steamed White Rice! ;)
that's all for now, i have to pen off now!
 chiow and Happy COOKING!

the third attempt :
add in a dash of corn flour to made the gravy thickens like this. :D

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