Sunday, October 2, 2011

sweat out at home. ;)

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
happy weekend everyone!
what are you planning to do today?
let's spend the leisure time with your family members!
maybe going out to get some groceries with the kids,,
or maybe you could go to the nearest park to do some healthy activities like sports and sweat out!
uhh-huh! who says we couldn't play sports and sweat out at home right in front of the TV set?
no no no~ in this era of  technology, there's nothing impossible,
and impossible is nothing! :P
okayyyyy,, what am i talking about is actually the Kinect for Xbox 360!
wheeeeeeeeeeeee~ :D
last week after my 2nd bro bought a new adaptor for the Xbox [to replace the old adaptor which had burnt due to over electric supply], my 1st bro came to visit us with his wife and the kids.
so we played the games together.
Hakimie was the one who was very excited playing it with Faheem.
check out the pictures below >>
hey look! the Malaysian goalkeeper, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat in green tshirt! :P
Faheem was excited to play the game together with his uncle, but couldn't resist the milk obviously! xD
again, with the milk. :P
and AGAIN! still with the milk bottle! :DDD
now, it's time for daddy!
back to the kids, Pak Busu Kimie VS Faheem. :)

HAHA. back in last week, i kept on playing them every evening when no one was at home.
i was quite good at playing the Kinect Adventures anyway! [masuk bakul angkat sendiri]
but i was too bad at playing the Dance Central.
seriously i can't dance! xD
even i was choosing the EASY level, with slow music [which was Down by Jay Sean], i could only managed to get an average of 2marks out of 8 marks in every performance! LOL!
that's all for now, gtg! c ya!

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