Sunday, October 2, 2011

i'm in love with POLAROIDs!!! :O

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
i'm in love with WHAT??!! Polaroids land camera?? 
LOL! some people might say,, "are you kidding?? duhh~ so outdated!" 
but for me it's such a cool camera!
with a single snap, voila! you got the picture instantly as easy as one, two, three! :D

 some more, i just LOVE the way the Polaroids photographs look like.
we could write captions for every single pictures on the empty space below the picture,, ;)
huhuu~ know what,, i would love to have the camera since LONGGGGG long time ago just because of i wanted to arrange those polaroids pictures of mine into a wall art in my crib just like the one in picture below! :)
 nevertheless, in this era of modernization, we could replicate the unique look of Polaroids pictures!
this is another option for people who eager to have a collections of Polaroids photographs [like me] without even a single cent!
Hihi~ FYI, i had just came across with a web where we can download an application which could turn a normal digital picture into a Polaroid-like picture for FREE!! :D

check out this picture of my shoes >>
 cool right? :D

this app also doesn't turned the pictures automatically into the final result,,
but the image changes from one moment to another,,
just like the photograph came out from the real Polaroid Stand Camera, we have to shake shake them first for a few seconds right? :D

see the changes of the picture's colour below >>>

here are some other pictures i've experimented on >>

so POLAROID lovers, hurry! get yours now!
FIRST, simply download the FREE app at and launch it.
SECOND, drag and drop the photo you would like onto the blue Polaroid camera like the one in picture below >>
 THIRD, 'shake' the photo while waiting it to change it's colour completely. LOL!
voila! now you have your own Polaroid picture!
theeeeeehee~ :D

however, i'm still thankful to God that i have my own digital camera.
even it's not a Polaroid, or DSLR, or Lomo, or whatsoever fancy camera that i ever wanted in this world, but this one was a gift from my mum.
that makes this camera so special to me. :D
thanks mum! :')

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