Friday, April 29, 2011

homemade pizza by me + faheem playing with the wheelbarrow. :D

24th April 2011.
السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
yeahh! finally i've got some 'free time' to made an entry about the homemade pizzas that i made  last weekend!
as i told in my previous entry,, yikes-a-bee~ i made pizzas! ;D
so, as usual,,
here i would like to share my own 'tibai-saja-lah' recipe which i had mix and match from other recipes i found on the net. :D
but before that, let's take a look at these pizzas-in-the-making pictures,,
well, there's a Malay saying "dari mata turun ke hati" ecehhh~
which means 'from the eyes down to the heart'. (erkk~ betul ke? HAHA. what ever!)
thus i would like to show ya the pictures first, so that you'll be interested to made it too. :)
  kimball, farmcow, lady's choice. :]
i put some baked beans on the second one! :)
tadaa~ this is the result!
and this is the smaller one! :)
okay, here's the recipe!
sonang jo! cayo la cakap den. ;))

~3cups of flour.
~approximately 3 spoons of melted butter/shortening
~3 spoons of caster sugar.
~3 spoons of milk powder.
 [i don't have any milk powder in my kitchen other than Faheem's milk powder which is specially designed for children's growth! so i use the coffee creamer instead! LOL!]
~1/2 teaspoon of table salt.

~ approximately 1 cup of warm water.
~2 teaspoons of yeast.

~cooking oil, garlic,onion, crab balls, prawn balls, ground beef, capsicum, tomato puree, pinch of salt, dash of black pepper. baked beans.
[you may also add in other ingredients such as chicken, sausage, pineapple, mixed vegetables, oregano, cheddar/mozarella]
 heat the cooking oil,add in the garlic and stir till fragrant. add in the onion and other ingredients. cook till the sauce is thick. and voila the topping is ready!! :D

preparation method:
~combine all the INGREDIENTS A in a bowl.
~pour in the water, and knead the dough until soft.
~~lid dough with damp cloth until it rise 2 times.
~punch the dough to remove air and devide into two.
~~flatten dough according to the desired thickness.
~let dough rise slightly for few minutes.
~bake in oven for about 10 minutes.
~remove from oven, and spread a lil bit of butter, mayonnaise, and tomato puree.
~sprinkle the INGREDIENTS C which had been prepared before.
~put a layer of shredded cheese,a layer of canned button mushrooms, and another layer of the cheese!!
i always love a cheesier pizzas,so i put a lots lotss lotsssss of cheeseee!!
wheee~ SAY CHEESE!  :DDD

ohhh,, i almost forget to tell ya!
erm,while i was busy in the kitchen, suddenly i noticed that the house was slightly quiet and i can't hear Faheem's voice,,
so i get out and found out that my father was busy cleaning a lil bit more the rukun tetangga's yard.
[well, seems like the 'gotong-royong' spirits in the previous day has not yet gone. :P ]
but what caught my attention was,, Faheem was also wanted to help out his atok!! ;D
Faheem: "lalalaaaa~ i'm strong enough to push this thing. :P"
"errrrghh~ erghh~ why suddenly i can't even make this thing moving!! ;0 "
"yeahh! i've got a 'car'!" :D
"ohh,, i'm tired! need a break for a while."
"oh,, it's too hot! i can't stand it! gimme umbrella! :/"
"uhhh,, working as labor isn't suit for me,, i wan't to quit now!"
afterwards faheem went into the house and slept soundly until the evening!
haha, and that's the end! daa~ :D

Thursday, April 28, 2011

matrix oh matrix.

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
errk~ this morning i checked my application for matriculation programme.
ohh,, i got the Perlis state matriculation!!
it's so far from KL,, but the distance doesn't bother me much,,
but what i'm worry about now is the date of registration!
it will be on the 23rd of May!
and i'll be on vacation from the 28th of May till the 13th June. :(
errmm,,can i apply to postpone this? and how??
somemore,,my sister said that actually the diploma programme is better than the matriculation programme.
and even the form 6 too is much better.
aishhh~ i'm totally confused whether i should go or not. :O
nway,,congrats to all my friends who got the matrix offer.
to those who didn't get but really hope for this,insyaallah u'll get the next intake. :)
ohh,, i heard that my friends; Ayen, Waney, Nana, Muba and Apiz got the Perlis matriculation too!
insyaallah, see ya in Perlis yeah? ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2011.

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;) my goodness,, yesterday was a very tiring day! and lotsa dramas had happened.haha. i walked on my own feet for about 3 hours! ahahaaa~ *apsal cam klaka je ayat aku ni* first i walked from my house to the bus stop infront of gombak police station to meet eddy over there,, and the 'invisible' izzani too. :P ohh,,pity izzani,, her bank card was missing, and worst, most of her money in her bank account had been stolen. :O now the police are in the process of watching the bank's CCTV recording to identify suspects. ohh back to the main story,, i left home at 2.15pm and reached there at 2.40pm. it took about 25 minutes. yeahh~  it's just fine for me,,cause that was the route where i always gone through during my school years as if i was thinking not to take a bus. :D okay then,, we took rapid kl bus,, on the bus, i was SMSing yan to ask where we could meet up. but shockingly yan answered that they had gone home already! duhh~ so i SMS ayam to join us,, at first, his reply seems like he's interested to come over and join me. but right after i mentioned that his 'GoodFriend' was with me too he said that he's having stomachache.LOL!  okay, afterwards we alight at the busstop near the general hospital. then we walked to the PWTC from there! just imagine how far that was! HAHA. actually i never went to PWTC by public transport,,so i never knew where to stop. LOL! we walk for more than half an hour i guess. huhuu~ at the book fair i met my friends Nur Amira Amran and Ruhi Najjua Shahira Ramli! both of them are my friends when i was studying at at-taqwa back in 2001 till 2004. heee~ know what,,i haven't seen them like years! ohh,, really miss them! especially ruhi,,coz every year when the ramadhan came i would always met Mira during the tarawih prayer. :DDD uhh, when we were busy chatting at the Karangkraf hall, at that time the emcee was calling out the lucky persons which they picked randomly to gave some goody. suddenly we heard that the emcee was explaining "gadis bertudung biru, berseuar putih, berbaju putih berbunga bunga, berspec putih,memegang plastic bag di tangan kirinya,,,and blaah blahh blahh" we started to laugh out so damn loud,,coz  it was Mira! huhu~ errk okay,, seems like most of my time there was spent with mira and ruhi right? oh mann,,i feel a bit guity for leaving eddy and 'the invisible izzani' alone at the book fair. :( after about just an hour there, we decided to go back home. LOL! we were so like 'no goal' at all! in previous years,, usually i spent hours at the book fair. xD ohyeahh, somemore my mum had instruct me to not to come back home after the maghrib,, so yeah we did! :) before we were away from there,, i bought cornetto to relieve thirst since i couldn't find any drinks sold there. *rabun* *rabun* then we started our 'journey' to our home sweet home. we were walking towards the GH busstop by using other route where we passed by the Perkeliling bus terminal. and that had made eddy felt more depressed and poignant due to something beeeeeeep. :[ so i tried to walk even faster over there. heeeh~ around 5pm we reached at the GH busstop,,luckily we didn't have to wait for the bus coz it was already there on the right time. :) there has been some dramatic conversation between eddy and 'someone' on the phone when we were on the bus. after his phone line had kinda broken, we passed by the Thai market site,, i tried to distract him on his problem, by telling that he could find and buyat the market the 'maher zain style cap' which he used to have one but he lose it few weeks ago. heee~ then he teach me some thai words that he learnt when he was travelling to thai. [pity me,, i didn't learnt even  a single word when i was on vacation at Phucket. :(] and izani still kept silent all the way. xD ohmyyy~ abruptly we realized that we were on the wrong bus!! so quickly we get off the bus near the kenny rogers roster genting kelang. and walked home from there. epic FAIL! we walked for almost one hour! and i felt a deep pain on both of my knees. GAHAHAA. right after i reached home at 6.10pm,,the refrigerator was my first target! SOS! water! water! i need water! LOL~ i fell asleep so early at 9.30pm. and that's the end! ^^

oh okay,, i just realized that my story is tooooooooo long. -,-"
so i've to use smaller font. does it made sense?? >,<
 okay, i totally don't expert at setting the camera.
 yeahh,, much better. :D
meet Mira, Ruhi, and Ruhi's friend. ;)
i was using the 'incandescent' mode. :D
meet Eddy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU!
hey, yesterday i've posted a status on FB which sounded like this...
Charlieissocoollike ♥ ♥ LOL! surprisinglywhitepeoplesalsodospelllikeialwaysdo! ;D
then it causes one of my friends wondered which Charlie did i mean??
so, here you go~ Charlie Mcdonnell's pictures! :D
he's so cute and funny!! HAHA.
i just can't avoid to laughing out loud when i watch his vlog. :DDD
 plus, i ♥ his accent. :)

p/s: oh,anyway to those who's not my FB friends,
FYI, i usually posted something on my status without any space between my words,,
so,that is what i mean by "spelllikeialwaysdo!" :)
okay,, others may be having BIEBER fever right now,
but me seems to be having Charlie FEVER instead!
oh btw, i love his crib!! :D

Monday, April 25, 2011

no stress!!! no stress! *dilemma mood*

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
ohh my god,,
today i woke up early at 4 a.m,,then start my daily routine like the other normal days.
after bathing and subuh, i ate my home made pizza that i made yesterday. [insyaallah i'll made another entry about the pizza stuffs later on. :)]
then i logged in my FB account,, and IMing with one of my bestfriend, *Spongebob*[not his real name]
he's facing quite a 'big problem' for the second time in his life and was very depressed,, :O
so i tried my best to cheer him up,, ;)
but then,he's the one who was trying to soothe me instead.
HAHA,,Fatin~ Fatin~ *geleng* *geleng*
that was after i suddenly remembered that today is 25th April!!
OMG! the PPUM interview calls are released today!
actually it should be released on last 18thApril as i told ya in my previous entry link: PPUM oh PPUM ,
but then the date was postponed to today.
so immediately i go to the PPUM website to check my result,,
i entered my IC number, then...tadaaa~
ohh man! i didn't get my first option which is the Medical Laboratory Technologist course!
but i got nursing instead??? :(
againn,, i'm overwhelmingly confused!
should i go for the interview or not?
i'm totally not interested to be a nurse.
but my mum advised me to try my luck there,, who knows maybe i could switch to the other course. :/
subsequently i asked my friends for advise,, some of them said i should go for it and some was vise versa.
they said that there's no point i took the course if i'm not into it.
hmm,, i can't deny that it's a fairly good reason.
however, insyaallah i would follow my mum's advise,,
cause mums know best! :)
but haiyaaa~ my interview will be held on the 3rd of May!!
then,, the next day on the 4th of May will be the interview for getting my visa!! -,-"
i'll be having buterflies in my stomach for two consecutive days! >,<
and tht's all for now. :O
oh,nway,congrats to Yanie, far and Mujil for getting the offer too. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

gotong-royong rukun tetangga. ;)

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
yesterday, 23rd April 2011,, 
the committee members of 'rukun tetangga' taman setapak A had organized a so called 'gotong royong' to clean up the bushes in front of my house which had become the breeding ground for mosquitoes especially the dangerous aedes.
we also had also hired the DBKL team to help us out to cut the trees and transporting the rubbish using the tractors.
the rukun tetangga committee members planned to build up a recreation area here,, and a futsal field maybe. :DDD
so these are some of the scenes. :)


the gloves.

Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur's lorries.
the food.
my house had turned into a so called 'mamak stall' for a day. :DDD


these mineral bottles' cap are very kawaii~
  Let's Pray for Japan ♥ 

Friday, April 22, 2011

the story of Joshua Evans.

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)

yesterday i watched this video and somehow i think of reposting it to my blog. :)

so here it is. 

the video is about one hour and a half,, but it's worth watching!

happy watching! ;)

thanks to nadira rahim for sharing this. :D

How the Bible Led Me to Islam: The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister - Joshua Evans

Key Points of This Video:
Introduction [start time
Me before Islam [start time
-Me as a christian
-My family was extremely conservative
Sunday school [start time
Me at the youth services [start time
Me reading the bible [start time
The bible claims Noah was an alcoholics [start time
The bible claims that Lut's daughters seduced him [start time
The bible claims that David is an Adulterer, and Murderer [start time
Me reading the new Testament [start time
-The bible is full of Monotheism
-An explicit statement can not override an implicitly statement
Why the crucifixion? [start time
A Christian Professor from Bob Jones University shock my faith [start time
Me looking at other religions [start time
Me getting into a Car Accident [start time
Robbed on gun point? [start time
Me becoming an agnostic [start time
Me reading about Islam [start time
-Me meeting a Muslim
-Me going to mosque
Me in the mosque [start time
The Imam doing the Friday Sermon [start time
Friday sermon was about not despairing from the mercy of Allah [start time
The congregation standing up for prayer [start time
Me reading the Quran [start time
Me accepting Islam [start time 1:02:27]
There are millions looking for the truth [start time 1:03:02]
Islamic Finance & Islamic Real estate [start time 1:04:21]
-Islam is the solution
Spread the cure! [start time 1:09:54]
-Don't put a bucket on your candle
Conclusion [start time 1:17:02]

hormonal instability.

they seemed to get rid of  that girl.
err,, precisely not 'they',,
but one of them who effected the others.
i'm definitely sure that they would use the same lame reason for setting her apart.
ohh again, not 'they' but one of them.
where's your efforts?
don't give reasons before undertaking.
because when there's a will, there's a way.
should i repeat?
di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan. :)
yeahh, maybe this is a retaliation against her.
but everyone made mistakes without their awareness.

just kidding!!
i was just playing with words.
trust me,,
okay this sounds so cliche and pretty psychotic!
outa here~
image source: google.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

old photographs : 1 Murni 2006.

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened! ;)

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
today i found a long lost photo album filled with loads of pictures taken when i was in form 1 during our class party!
okay,seriously all of these faces look super innocent!! ;D
a part of 1 Murni 2006.
top from left: anis nadia, nor hanadia, fatin azzahra, hilda, pn. nyonyo ayot, noor natasha, nurathirah, siti sharina, nurul nadilah,fain suriani.
bottom from left: muhammad sufian, niezwan, muhammad ruzaidi, abdul muzil, mohd nazim khairi, nik ahmad hariz.

Good friends are like stars...You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.
i was wearing the 'SMILEY' school bag. ohh,,so nerdy me! :D
our nick names at that time: [mizzythinthorn a.k.a xara a.k.a stezara, nenek ted, nenek nad, nurat trex, nano, hil a.k.a tinkerbell, sharina,] dyna, F.A.

A smile happens in a flash, but the memory can last a lifetime.
the 'gangstarz' of the class. :P
the best memories are the ones you can't explain and end up saying "you had to be there."
cik sliper jamban~
mak chick Hil~
Stezara @ Mrs. steben Gerard. :DDD
 Sharina [now she's taller than me i guess! ;) ]
Remember the little things in our life,,
one day you may look back and realize they were the BIG things.

Recall it as often as you wish, a happy memory never wears out.
 Eddy as the class monitor a.k.a 'the monitor lizard' was presenting our gift to Mrs Nyonyo. :)
 Sufian a.k.a Yan was receiving "the most quiet student" award.
woot~ woot~ nerd gilaaaaaaaa~ ;P
Mujil a.k.a. Squidward was receiving his award. i forgot the category,,but i think it was "the most friendly student". :D
 Niezwan was receiving "the most CUTE student" award! :PPP
*dah tak comel dahh skarang,, takyah prasan ehh wan. ;D
 Hilda was receiving "the most SMART student" award yaww!! :)
You can't turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again.

okayy,, this is our favourite game! DOMINO~
 i still remember that was Nadilah's fav. watch. :)
and UNO! :D
 plus playing catch-CHASE! :P
Dream as if you'll live forever,
Live as if you'll die today,
Love like there is no tomorrow,
Dance like no one is watching.
alahaii~ comelnyaa budak ni! ahakss~
A memory lasts forever.
Never does it die.
True friends stay together.
And never say goodbye.