Wednesday, September 7, 2011

5 Sejahtera Hari Raya Aidilfitri convoy 2011.

السّلام عليكم
Peace be upon YOU! ;)
on the last 4th of Syawal 1432H,
my ex-classmates in Form 5 and i conducted a convoy from one house to another just like last year. :D
but the different between this year's convoy and the last year's is that, last year we traveled by bus and walking.
however, this year we traveled by cars!! while the guys traveled by motorcycles. no more walking down the street for like hours.
at liya's house --- menu: Meehun with Kuah Kacang + Ribena ada kelas. :)
 the guys at Syila's house. :)
at Syila's house --- Nasi Campur + orange cordial. :)
sharing is caring. :P
 AGAIN! sharing is caring part 2 at zuraidah's house. :P
at Zuraidah's house --- spicy Meehun Goreng + rose syrup. :)
at Leman's house --- grapes + orange cordial SUPER SWEET! :O
these guys had never changed. HAHA.
at Yan's house --- Meehun Goreng special + Kek Batik Marie + sarsaparilla cordial. :)

 girls rule! as usual, we conquer the TV at Yan's house. :D
Wan and Nana only joined us for a while. :(
at Eryn's house --- Meehun Goreng AGAIN + orange cordial AGAIN. hahaa~ :)

every year there must be someone or more than one person fell asleep during the convoy. :D
at Syarif's house --- snacks + orange cordial + ANG POW. :D
at Mira's house --- Yong Tau Fu + orange cordial. :)
continue watching TV at Mira's house. xD
 a fully-packed car! :D
 arrived at Dina and Azwir's houses.
at Dina's house --- Bakso + lychee cordial
at Azwir's house --- snacks + carbonated drinks.
nerdy mat REMPITs. O-O
 LOOK! Rindha's medals!
at rindha's house --- mee sup with keropok pink *rindha ramaskan :P + carbonated drinks [the miRindha brand] :D
[p/s: sharing is caring part 3!]
 this article was taken from one of the magazines at Rindha's house.
hihi~ walking with the eyes looking at the ground --- that's me!
now you know the meaning of my body language,, opppsy! :O
and that was our last stop,, we went back home at almost 8p.m.!
and know what? we got ANG POW at her house! :P

 as you can see in these pictures, most of my friends did not live in luxurious houses.
they were not so rich,, they live their life in moderation.
but still! they could be so smart! even smarter than me. :')
hence, always bear in our mind, money does not promise everything!

that's all for now,,
 till then, chiow! :D


  1. salam,baru jumpa kau pny blog ni..apahal la skrg ni aku rindu nostalgia di smkgs dulu..ish3


  2. salam, :)
    mcm mana kau boleh jumpa tetiba?
    lepas keluar dari gs ko masuk mana?

  3. firasat aku digerakkan utk klik blog kau ni..hehe..
    lepas smkgs kan aku masuk tahfiz..
    tapi da hampir 2thun aku tertangguh nk smbung blaja ni..
    doakan aku ye sobat

  4. ohh,, ko klik kat mana?
    ko masuk tahfiz setahun je ke?
    ye,, smoga ko jumpa jalan terbaik utk diri kau. amin.

  5. aku rasa aku klik kat blog org lain kot link kau..
    aku tahfiz 2thun,tpi xhbs lagi sbenarnya...tu yg hilang bila 2thun tertangguh blaja kat luar..

  6. oh,,
    bila ko nak sambung?
    & kat mana?
    papepon good luck! :)

  7. insyaAllah kat syria..
    sekali skala on la kejap ym..
    fb aku xde,nk borang mcm dulu pun payah..