Monday, September 19, 2011

Aleena is ONE! :D

 السّلام عليكم
Peace be upon YOU! ;)
 previously i've told that on the last 15th September is my niece's first birthday,,
so here i would like to post the pictures taken on that day. :D
in the afternoon of that day, my mum, my sis,and i went to Alpha Angle to buy some toys for Aleena,,
right after we reached at the toy section, my elder sis suggested to my mum to buy that FireRescue for my nephew, Faheem.
thus my mum agreed since Faheem didn't get any present for his 2nd birthday from his granny on the last June 22nd. :)
then we focused to find Aleena's present.
finally the three of us were agreed to pick that cooking set. :)
not long after that my mum said she wanted to give another present for Aleena,,
the puzzle ball,,but we didn't seen any puzzle ball yet so far,,
so we explore the other part of the toy section,,
and i accidentally came across with that toy cart. :DDD
that was my so called 'dream toy' when i was a kid. :P
therefore i suggested to my mum to buy that cart for Aleena,, well she now could walk a lil' bit. ;)
right after my mum agreed to buy that cart, she finally found that puzzle ball.
thus we ended to buy all of them. :P
 on that particular evening at 9p.m., we went to my sis-in-law's place.
Hakimie was the one who's overjoyed when he saw i brought a plastic bag of toys. ;)
but then my brother demanded him to put the plastic bag in a corner,,
it clearly means that "eat first, then only you could play."
but Hakimie have got a trick! :DD
he showed Faheem the toys, so Faheem would ask me to open the packaging and voila! he could play the toy too with his nephew! :))
*Faheem and his Pak Busu Kimie. :)
 Aleena was so delighted to be with his "Atak", [it should be pronounce as "Atok",atok means grandfather in Malay]
*see how Faheem was playing with the fire engine! waaaa~ fire engine could also 'fly' like the plane? LOL! :D
 later on Faheem was helping out his father to assemble the cart,,
what amused us was when Faheem thought that he could ride the cart,,
then he was embarrassed,smiled and cover his face with his little hands when everyone was saying that "Hey, this is not the supermarket's cart! you shouldn't ride this!!" :P
he made a pout while he was buying a carrot! :o hihi~
 he was so exhilarated while playing with the cart and kept pushing it all around the house.
after a while, Aleena  wanted to take away the cart from his brother, and their uncle too wanted to play with the cart. LOL! what a funny scene down here >>>
Faheem: this is mine! :|
Aleena: nooo~ it's my birthday! so this is for me looo~ :O
Hakimie: jangan gaduh gaduh,, biar pak busu main dulu. :D
 Aleena: we must examine the tomato first to get the perfect one before buying! :)
 shopaholic Aleena! ---PULLING the cart using ONE hand only! :D
 after we ate 'nasi arab', it's time for Aleena to blow the candle for the very first time in her life! :))
 the Arba'in's family. :D
 after we had the cake, the kids continued playing with the toys.
Abang Faheem rulesss! he got the cart from Aleena. :P
 while Aleena was pretending to eat the fake sausage after 'cooking' it. :D
and that's the end! :)

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