Thursday, September 15, 2011

a video of my naughty nephew, Faheem. :D

السّلام عليكم
Peace be upon YOU! ;)
recently i uploaded a video of my dearest nephew, Faheem playing with his new toy Chuggington and chasing  around his youngest uncle, Pak Busu Kimie a.k.a. Hakimie.
so here i would like to made an entry about the video. :D

as i told in the description on Youtube, this video was taken on the 22nd of June 2011.
it was during Faheem's 2nd birthday celebration.
he had just got a Chuggington toy as a birthday present from his parents and excitedly play with it. :D
in the video you can see that Faheem was shy and run after his uncle, Pak Busu [in yellow t-shirt] after been kissed by his uncle. ;)
it seems like he was bullying his uncle! xD
since i was quite busy in June, therefore, i had missed to post
an entry about Faheem's 2nd birthday celebration.
did you noticed that i only posted one entry on June! :O
hence, here are the pictures taken on the 22nd of June 2011. >>
 Faheem loves Chuggington so much! :D
 *after! Faheem ate ALL the Chuggers' EYES! :O
next, he tried to eat the Chuggington's body! HAHA.
 and then made an innocent face. :[
 then yeayy~ it's time to open the present! :)

  ohh! i had just realized that tomorrow is Aleena's 1st birthday!! :DDD
it's not tomorrow actually, but it's TODAY! :O
Aleena was born on the 15th September last year! aww~ how fast time flies! :)
i could still remember Faheem's 1st birthday celebration last year.
it was not long after my family and i involved in an accident.
and the wounds on my brother's, mother's and my own eyes could clearly seen in the picture. :D
here it is >>
 *click on image to enlarge*
there's a bruise on my left eye, a swollen on my mum's forehead, and an effect of stitches on my brother's eyebrow. :O
Faheem and his parents. :)

ohh~ohh~ i gotta off now! i was thinking of baking something for Aleena tonight.
but now is quite late.
hmm~ maybe i'll bake it tomorrow morning if god wills. :)

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