Wednesday, December 30, 2009

family dinner : kak eita steam boat. :)

29th Dec 2009!
on that evening, i was so busy surfing the net searching for handcrafts websites.
ahhh! those greeting cards on the were dang cute! especially the pop-up cards! hoping so bad that i could made it by myself
ohh,, suddenly i feel like taking the subject pendidikan seni in SPM next year! gahahaha.
okay, after looking around those websites, none of the designs i do like. [act,i think tht i can made none of them! LOL!]
so i decided to design it by myself. thus, it ends up to look like a hantam-saja-lah  birthday card. ;P maa, i'm so sorry, it has been quite some time i didn't outing. so i haven't bought you any birthday present this year. ;(
plus, the card is like tak-seberape-looking. LOL. [klaka je ayat.]
after finished doing this, i quickly took a shower. lalala~ then immediately went for dinner.
faheem was extremely happy! he's the one who's over excited seeing the others having dinner. hee~
afterwards, there came the waiter brought along a birthday cake from bread history.
oh,,and the cake was sponsored by the restaurant! ;)
and it tastes dangly liliciousss! my sis-in-law love the cake so so much and ate 2 slices of them.
hahaa,, i was full already at that moment coz i've already ate 5 scoops of ice-cream before.
my god! i'm just too obsessed with ice-cream! huhuu.
my nose suddenly frozen and my flu couldn't reach out of my nose. HAHA.
p/s: i've got sinusitis since i'm 4 years old.
just imagine, i would be having such a terrible flu for the whole week once i sneezed. lol!
faheem! ;)
see what she had done? HAHA!
it's juicy! ;P
and yummy! ;P
faheem! blew the candles!! ;)
my sis.
and parents.;D
sis-in-law,mama,bro,and faheem!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

mama's 53rd birthday!

29th Dec 2009.
ohh my,, i wonder why so many December babies huh?
most of my entries recently were just about birthdays. huhu.
okayy. today is my mum's special day. but unfortunately she has got meeting today.
and she need to finish marking those spm exam papers before the 30th Dec!!
hmm, pity her. ;( but tonight she's gonna rest for a while.
we had already reserved a table for dinner tonight.
i hope she's gonna enjoy it.
ya allah, kau peliharalah kedua ibu bapa kami sebagaimana mereka memelihara kami sewaktu kecil.
she's everything to me.
she's my sweetheart. 
i'm proud to be her daughter. ;)
on her wedding day. pretty right? ;)

birthday seorang anak melaka. HAHA.

conversation between us on fb.
me : nananaaa! happy birthday! ;D 
me : sori lambat wish, aku baru sampai rumah. ngee~
syazana sharif : its oke ted! thanks tau!
me : welcome! ;) kau nak present tak? gaahahaaa.
syazana sharif : is it a question?! 
syazana sharif : the answer is, yeah, of course i want, org gila je tanak oke..ahhaahaha
me : ahahhh. tengok lah nanti aku gali mana2 lubang.
me : kalau jumpa apa apa aku bagi ahh. agagagaa. 
syazana sharif : jgn gali2 sebarangan oke! ;p
me : dun worry. paling paling pon aku gali lobang caceng je. ;D
syazana sharif : kesah ha! gali lah, jumpe harta karun bg aku oke! hahaha
me : ok. nanti aku carik caceng banyak2 tuk ko. ;D
syazana sharif : cacing kau bg buat ape!
syazana sharif : buat masak asam pedas? ahhaha emas tape jugak!
me : ohh, kau penah try ke buat caceng masak asam pedas? LOL! 
me : ouhh, baru aku tau kau mkn emas masak asam pedas slama nih. hahaa. 
syazana sharif :  penah, aku bg itik makan, ahhaha,
syazana sharif : emas tu bgs masak dgn asam pedas, muka berseri2 je pergi sekolah, ahahah 

 inilah dia kalau dah orang melaka tu semua benda dia mau tibai masak asam pedas je. ;P
eid 2009.
spot us! ;P

Monday, December 28, 2009

muhayat's family gathering! day 3

27th dec 2009
closing ceremony.
the presents. ;)
we won the 1st place for 13-17y o category in sukaneka! ;P
*censored face*

muhayat's family gathering! day 2

26th dec 2009
pocopoco! :D
sukaneka-sukaneki! ;)
bapa bapa ibu ibu pon bersukaneki juga. ;)
bowling for soup.
grooming session! :)
'ewah ewah night'! 
badminton tournament. ;P
BBQing again! ;D

Saturday, December 26, 2009

muhayat's family gathering! day 1

25th Dec 2009
*here are some pictures taken after tahlil & solat maghrib.
*talent time! singing,acting,etc.
*and the best part was BBQ! ;)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

happy birthday ayam!

ohh, just now when i was doing my homework i sang the song 'hari ini dan semalam' by sixth sense.
hahaa! seriously, i'm not a fan of the sixthsense group! just suddenly the song popped up in my mind. =,=" so, when i was singing the phrase "Hari ini kau datang riang" then suddently i thought "ehh?? what day & date is today huh?" then i check out my calendar and realized that today is the christmas eve! so that's mean today is Nik Ahmad Hariz Nik Pena's birthday! or i called him as Ayam. hee~ ;P
we should celebrate his birthday together with his girldfriend's yesterday, but what to do.. he's on vacation in UK now. so we couldn't invite him to came along. ;(
i know him since form 1, but we both started to be this close since form 2 i guess.
the nick name "ayam" was given by myself. but then, everyone too call him that way. HAHA. pity him.
he's also been called as "PENA" and "correction TAPE". gahahaa! actually the name "correction tape" was taken from his atok's name which is "mustapha" if i'm not mistaken. they changed "mustapha" it into "tape"??!! jahat gila! XD but he's cool with it. ;)  he's such a friendly person and kinda funny too! he has been schooling at MRSM Taiping for almost a year. and i didn't seen him since then! rindu kau doh! ;(
p/s: lin lagi lah rinduu! ;P
eddy with ayam - form two. :P

lin, ayam,eddy and me - form 3.
the CHAMPAKians. ;)
me,ayam and eddy.

lin's surprise birthday party!

23rd december 2009 -  went for addmaths tuition at 10.25am and it ends at 1.25pm!
duhh =,=" late again.
after tuition, HOHOYEAHH! i'm off to Taman Setia to celebrate Lin's birthday together with my friends. huhhuu.
but before that, we bought a cake at Plaza Idaman first.
we walked from Melati to Gombak and then back to Melati??!! =,=" yeah, totally insane! at 3pm we arrived at Lin's house. finally! pheww~
we surprised her with the party spray thinggy right after she came out. wheee!!!
my plan was a success!! ;)
actually her birthday should be on the 26th of Dec, 
but saja nak surprise her earlier. Well, it's a SURPRISE right? then it should be surprising. :P
unta & ikan!

and again!
the end. ;)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

laskar pelangi.

i've finished watching laskar pelangi! ;)
beli kapur? oh Ah Ling!
it's a quite interesting movie. everyone must watch this!

pictures of you. picture of me.




.laskar pelangi.

pak tono + durian