Wednesday, December 30, 2009

family dinner : kak eita steam boat. :)

29th Dec 2009!
on that evening, i was so busy surfing the net searching for handcrafts websites.
ahhh! those greeting cards on the were dang cute! especially the pop-up cards! hoping so bad that i could made it by myself
ohh,, suddenly i feel like taking the subject pendidikan seni in SPM next year! gahahaha.
okay, after looking around those websites, none of the designs i do like. [act,i think tht i can made none of them! LOL!]
so i decided to design it by myself. thus, it ends up to look like a hantam-saja-lah  birthday card. ;P maa, i'm so sorry, it has been quite some time i didn't outing. so i haven't bought you any birthday present this year. ;(
plus, the card is like tak-seberape-looking. LOL. [klaka je ayat.]
after finished doing this, i quickly took a shower. lalala~ then immediately went for dinner.
faheem was extremely happy! he's the one who's over excited seeing the others having dinner. hee~
afterwards, there came the waiter brought along a birthday cake from bread history.
oh,,and the cake was sponsored by the restaurant! ;)
and it tastes dangly liliciousss! my sis-in-law love the cake so so much and ate 2 slices of them.
hahaa,, i was full already at that moment coz i've already ate 5 scoops of ice-cream before.
my god! i'm just too obsessed with ice-cream! huhuu.
my nose suddenly frozen and my flu couldn't reach out of my nose. HAHA.
p/s: i've got sinusitis since i'm 4 years old.
just imagine, i would be having such a terrible flu for the whole week once i sneezed. lol!
faheem! ;)
see what she had done? HAHA!
it's juicy! ;P
and yummy! ;P
faheem! blew the candles!! ;)
my sis.
and parents.;D
sis-in-law,mama,bro,and faheem!

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