Friday, December 4, 2009

strawberry-tags' booth.

yesterday,me as stoberi-ted was at Strawberry-tags' booth at MMU for the event Favour Finger Fair "Touch of Hope" together with sis-stoberi & YU-GO's owner. actually this is the 3rd time joined this booth thingy. but as usual, we're late!! againn! haha. tak punctual sangatkah aku? i wonder why all this while i've never been arrested by the prefects in front of my school's gate and being punished which either baca yassin or kutip sampah?? heh~ all the other booths didn't sell much things in common with us. there were Fish Spa booth, Cookies,Cupcakes,Novels,accessories,Manicure,Pedicure,Facial,and many other booths.
so here's the picture of our booth. :)

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