Thursday, December 24, 2009

happy birthday ayam!

ohh, just now when i was doing my homework i sang the song 'hari ini dan semalam' by sixth sense.
hahaa! seriously, i'm not a fan of the sixthsense group! just suddenly the song popped up in my mind. =,=" so, when i was singing the phrase "Hari ini kau datang riang" then suddently i thought "ehh?? what day & date is today huh?" then i check out my calendar and realized that today is the christmas eve! so that's mean today is Nik Ahmad Hariz Nik Pena's birthday! or i called him as Ayam. hee~ ;P
we should celebrate his birthday together with his girldfriend's yesterday, but what to do.. he's on vacation in UK now. so we couldn't invite him to came along. ;(
i know him since form 1, but we both started to be this close since form 2 i guess.
the nick name "ayam" was given by myself. but then, everyone too call him that way. HAHA. pity him.
he's also been called as "PENA" and "correction TAPE". gahahaa! actually the name "correction tape" was taken from his atok's name which is "mustapha" if i'm not mistaken. they changed "mustapha" it into "tape"??!! jahat gila! XD but he's cool with it. ;)  he's such a friendly person and kinda funny too! he has been schooling at MRSM Taiping for almost a year. and i didn't seen him since then! rindu kau doh! ;(
p/s: lin lagi lah rinduu! ;P
eddy with ayam - form two. :P

lin, ayam,eddy and me - form 3.
the CHAMPAKians. ;)
me,ayam and eddy.


  1. hahah
    rndu gle babi doe!!!
    xoxo ayam~

  2. huhuuu.
    kesian babi tuu gile tengok ko XOXO ayam. LOL!