Thursday, December 24, 2009

lin's surprise birthday party!

23rd december 2009 -  went for addmaths tuition at 10.25am and it ends at 1.25pm!
duhh =,=" late again.
after tuition, HOHOYEAHH! i'm off to Taman Setia to celebrate Lin's birthday together with my friends. huhhuu.
but before that, we bought a cake at Plaza Idaman first.
we walked from Melati to Gombak and then back to Melati??!! =,=" yeah, totally insane! at 3pm we arrived at Lin's house. finally! pheww~
we surprised her with the party spray thinggy right after she came out. wheee!!!
my plan was a success!! ;)
actually her birthday should be on the 26th of Dec, 
but saja nak surprise her earlier. Well, it's a SURPRISE right? then it should be surprising. :P
unta & ikan!

and again!
the end. ;)