Saturday, December 12, 2009

bukittinggi trip.

finally, i've finished doing my addmaths homeworks. yeayy! let's talk about my last trip to Bukitinggi, Indonesia. :) 
let's start with the most interesting part which was EATING!

oh, i'm currently having a very bad stomach ache. hm,, it's a usual thing. whenever i went for a trip to indo, i'm surely got stomach ache like i had previously when i went to Bali, Jakarta, and Bandung.
but if we didn't try out their food, then we'd never know their culture and it's such a waste for going to their place without trying something new right? :)
another thing that we always looking forward for while travelling is of course shopping!!

and the best part while shopping that i love is bargaining with those sellers who always being like a "dracula" towards foreigner! mencekik darah je kerja mereka.
hm, there was one uncle who sells paddle-pop ice creams, he was obviously cheated on me.
at the ice cream list, it's obviously stated Rp2,600 for 1 cone of cornetto ice cream.
so i grabbed 4cones of it, then i asked him again to ensured that the total is Rp12,200 right?
then suddenly he said, "semuanyaa 20ribuu embakkk."
whattt??!! he total up them and said it's 20K Rp instead? :O
then i asked him again,, hurmm,, then why the board stated a cheaper price?
then he replied:
"ohh iyaa,, yangg etuu hargaa perusahaannyaa embakk..jadi kaloe dijual sama embakk harganya laein dongg.."
okay, fine!
so i put back all those Cornetto ice cream that he had already put in a plastic bag, and grabbed 4 paddle-pop trafic light ice cream instead. which were much more cheaper.
agak kejam kan aku??
maybe i'd take the pong-pong ice cream if he got that one. LOL!
this incident somehow reminds me to another experience related to the seller that i had before during a trip in Beijing which was even 'crueler'. 
i had once hugged by an 'ah moy' who's the tauke of a shop. she begged me to buy her stuffs and didn't allowed me to go back if i don't buy hers. =,="
can ahh?
moral of the story:
pandu cermat jiwa selamat.
renung-renungkan! ;)
*yes, i know. tiada kaitan. screw this

bukit tinggi, indo.

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