Tuesday, December 15, 2009


ohh,, today is such a tiring day!
hmm, early in the morning - as usual,, my brother sent home his baby Faheem . so i've got to babysitter him for a while.
11a.m. - went for addmaths tuition with Cikgu Aina! [Anas' mother]
ahahaa,, his mum is quite garang woo!
every day i've got to come home late coz i was unable to answer the addmaths questions. gheee~ ;D
but i don't know why i love fierce teachers. just like Cikgu Sarena, my art teacher back in form 1. she was extremely fierce, but i love her so much. heh~
the addmaths class should be ended at 1pm. but i only abled to finish answering the questions at 1.25pm. =,="
after attending tuition i need to do some delivery to ST's customer which is my junior, shasha.
 i promissed her to be at starbucks JJ around 1pm,,
but the time was 1.30 already!! gahhh! o_o
so i quickly called pedot to accompany me. unfortunately he said that he can't make it.
halamakk! tadi pagi ckp boleh? :( sokay2! i'll aske others.
at the 1st place i was about to ask izzani,, but her house is kinda far from there. hmm..
so immediately hafiz popped up in my mind coz his house is just a few step away from Anas' house and the LRT. so it's easier. ;)
so i called him. He said, yes he can, but he'll bring along Anas as well, coz Anas was studying addmaths with him at that time.
and i was like, HAHA. that's funny! others are going for addmaths tuition classes with your mum, and you're going for 'tuition' with our friend, Hafiz? HAHA.
Hafiz said  "alah,,samalah dengan kau! mak kau cikgu Bio, kau bukannya belajar dengan mak kau pon kan Ted?" :P
ehh,,helo helo helo! aku tuition dengan mak aku jugak sekali sekala ok! ;P
okay2,, advertisement tamat.back to cerita tadi.
ohoh, hafiz paid for my LRT ticket. *gelak evil*
then i ommediately passed the stuff that Shasha bought right after we reached at JJ.
mission accomplished! so then aku treated apiz and nanaz sundae chocotop ice-cream!!
yippy! it took some time to ask them to accept my offer for the ice creams. =,="
then we went to MPH for a while coz apiz wanted to find a novel cintan .ROFL!
ohh! i saw hariz, my classmate when i was studying at attaqwa previously in the MPH.
and then, we bumped into shahfiq nashrah in front of the MPH entrance.
afterwads, otw back to melati we met nazrin with his girl friends at the LRT station.
and finally, we saw nadilah inside of the LRT after we had already jumped out of it.
omg! how i misses che nad!! it's been quite some time i didn't met her.
why i didn't notice her when i was in the coach. ;( sobs~
so eventually we went back to our own home.
i walked home from the LRT for like 45mins ?
HAHAHA.*kedekut bayar tambang bas / teksi*
i heard Faheem's voice immediately after i reached home.my sister said that Faheem was quite cranky on that day.
so it's time for me to taking over the 'job' as Faheem's nanny! ;)

faheem and his grandpa! ;)

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