Saturday, September 24, 2011

Participating NADICRAFT's give away!! :D

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
okay, as many readers may had known, previously i've joined a give away organized by Yana Craft,,
i really wanted the felt supply, but somehow i was unlucky,, :(
however, just now i've came across with an entry by NADICRAFT saying that they're organizing a so called give away contest right now!
and the prize that they offered is the felt pack!!
so i really hope that i will be one of the winner who will be receiving this felt pack!! amin. :D

opsss~ lupa pulak nak tinggalkan link entry NADICRAFT. :P
ni dia >>

Malaysian Dish Recipe : Stir-fry Kangkung Belacan! :D

 السّلام عليكم

Peace be upon YOU! ;)
Hey, it's time for tutorial again!!
okay ladies and gentleman, today in 'Best Wan' i would like to share with you how to cook the Malaysian dish 'Stir-fry Kangkung Belacan', or in Bahasa we called it as 'Kangkung Tumis Belacan'.
ecececehhh~ do i sound like Chef Wan? HAHAHA :P
okay, all you need are;

Ingredients (for 4 -5 persons):

  • kangkung vegetables a.k.a. water spinach. [could also replace with any other leaf vegetables]
  • a stalk of Red Chilli.*
  • 2 cloves of Shallots.*
  • 3 cloves of Garlics.*
  • a handful of Anchovies (or/and) dried shrimps.*
  • a tablespoon (or more) of Belacan a.k.a. Shrimp Paste. [the Belacan from Malacca is the best]*
  • a pinch of Salt. [could also replace with Thai fish sauce]
  • about 2 spoonful of vegetable oil for stir-frying. [Malaysian Palm oil is the best!] :D
1) toast the Belacan for a while before using.
2) soak the dried shrimps in warm water before using.

    How to:

    1) Cut the veggies, rinse and drained. *Remember to separate the leaves and the stem.


    2) Ingredients with * sign are pounded in mortar.


    3) When the oil is hot enough, stir-fry all the pounded ingredients until fragrant and turned into yellowish colour.
    4) Add in the salt or the fish sauce.
    5) Add in the stem of the Kangkung first, after awhile add in the leaves. 
    6) Stir a little bit more.
    7) For those who love it to be a little bit watery, add in some water at this point. Once it's boiling, turn off the stove.
      Voila! your 'Kangkung Tumis Belacan' is now ready to be eaten! it's best serve with hot steamed white rice! Happy cooking!

        Friday, September 23, 2011

        more open houses! Fatin you're fat fat FAT! :D

        السّلام عليكم
        Peace be upon YOU! ;)
        oh, last week i attended 2 more open houses organized by friends of mine. sorry for the late update! ^_^
        on Friday, it was Hilda's. it was not really an open house to be specific,, coz she only invited a few of her girl friends. :)
        her mother baked some vanilla cake and super delicious thin crust home-made pizzas! :PPP
        and the best part was chatting with them all day long from afternoon to the late evening. :)
        ohh,, i finally met Nano a.k.a. Noor Natasha Md Nor on that day after about SEVEN months not seeing her. :O

        the last time i met her was on the day before she left to Kuala Nerang to do foundation to further studies in Ausie,,
        and i'm the only one among my girl friends who had just discovered last week that she's now no longer studying in Kuala Nerang, but she had moved on to Pasum instead.LOL!
        uhhm,, anyway there's 4 other close girl friends of mine that i haven't seen for quite some time,,
        who are: Nurul Nadilah Husin! Maryam Jamilah! Nurathirah Nasir! and Siti Sharina! :')
        at hilda's house. :)
        making faces after Solat. xD
        the super delicious thin crust home-made pizzas that i mentioned before. :DD
        Khalida said that "veggies are sickening!" LOL!
        with Nano.
        from left: Hilda, Khalida, Athirahzz, Fazzara, Natasha, me. :)
        OTW back,,

        on that same Friday evening, i've got another open house invitation by Fatin Amalina Zanil Abidin.
        a few of my ex-classmates in primary school [who were Alif, Thalhah, Arif, and Eryn] and i have planned to attend the ceremony together,,
        but somehow there were some miscommunications between us,
        Eryn was waiting for me to call her, but i was waiting for the Alif to call me first, and same goes to the others. LOL!
        in the end, only Thalhah and Arif attended. xD
        and they were stuck at the open house until the late night because it was raining like cats and dogs.

        on the next day, Saturday, September 17th. i attended Nurizzani Mohd Awal's open house with another sweet girl friend of mine, Fazlin Nadhirah Noorman! :D
        aww~ it has been so long i haven't seen her,, i couldn't even remember when was the last time i met her anyway. :O
        at Izzani's house i ate Laksa, while Fazlin ate Spaghetti. :)
        after a while there came Eryn with a friend of her.
        the five of us were chat about our college life for awhile [not our's, their's!LOL!] not long after that, we went back home at 6. :)

        when i was greeting Izzani's mother, i was quite shocked that her mum could still remember my nick name. hahaa,,
        maybe she could hardly forget this girl who oftenly came to her house to get a shower before went for the co-curricular activity back in 2008. :P
        same goes to Zara's mother. her mum only remember my nick name. and i used to take my bath every week before going for co-curricular activity with Zara back in 2007. :D
        *ini budak sangat tak malu mandi di rumah orang kan? :P
        the siblings. izzani and her younger brother, Amir Aiman HEBAT! :D
        from left: Izzani, Eryn's friend, Fazlin, me, and Eryn. :)

        Monday, September 19, 2011

        Aleena is ONE! :D

         السّلام عليكم
        Peace be upon YOU! ;)
         previously i've told that on the last 15th September is my niece's first birthday,,
        so here i would like to post the pictures taken on that day. :D
        in the afternoon of that day, my mum, my sis,and i went to Alpha Angle to buy some toys for Aleena,,
        right after we reached at the toy section, my elder sis suggested to my mum to buy that FireRescue for my nephew, Faheem.
        thus my mum agreed since Faheem didn't get any present for his 2nd birthday from his granny on the last June 22nd. :)
        then we focused to find Aleena's present.
        finally the three of us were agreed to pick that cooking set. :)
        not long after that my mum said she wanted to give another present for Aleena,,
        the puzzle ball,,but we didn't seen any puzzle ball yet so far,,
        so we explore the other part of the toy section,,
        and i accidentally came across with that toy cart. :DDD
        that was my so called 'dream toy' when i was a kid. :P
        therefore i suggested to my mum to buy that cart for Aleena,, well she now could walk a lil' bit. ;)
        right after my mum agreed to buy that cart, she finally found that puzzle ball.
        thus we ended to buy all of them. :P
         on that particular evening at 9p.m., we went to my sis-in-law's place.
        Hakimie was the one who's overjoyed when he saw i brought a plastic bag of toys. ;)
        but then my brother demanded him to put the plastic bag in a corner,,
        it clearly means that "eat first, then only you could play."
        but Hakimie have got a trick! :DD
        he showed Faheem the toys, so Faheem would ask me to open the packaging and voila! he could play the toy too with his nephew! :))
        *Faheem and his Pak Busu Kimie. :)
         Aleena was so delighted to be with his "Atak", [it should be pronounce as "Atok",atok means grandfather in Malay]
        *see how Faheem was playing with the fire engine! waaaa~ fire engine could also 'fly' like the plane? LOL! :D
         later on Faheem was helping out his father to assemble the cart,,
        what amused us was when Faheem thought that he could ride the cart,,
        then he was embarrassed,smiled and cover his face with his little hands when everyone was saying that "Hey, this is not the supermarket's cart! you shouldn't ride this!!" :P
        he made a pout while he was buying a carrot! :o hihi~
         he was so exhilarated while playing with the cart and kept pushing it all around the house.
        after a while, Aleena  wanted to take away the cart from his brother, and their uncle too wanted to play with the cart. LOL! what a funny scene down here >>>
        Faheem: this is mine! :|
        Aleena: nooo~ it's my birthday! so this is for me looo~ :O
        Hakimie: jangan gaduh gaduh,, biar pak busu main dulu. :D
         Aleena: we must examine the tomato first to get the perfect one before buying! :)
         shopaholic Aleena! ---PULLING the cart using ONE hand only! :D
         after we ate 'nasi arab', it's time for Aleena to blow the candle for the very first time in her life! :))
         the Arba'in's family. :D
         after we had the cake, the kids continued playing with the toys.
        Abang Faheem rulesss! he got the cart from Aleena. :P
         while Aleena was pretending to eat the fake sausage after 'cooking' it. :D
        and that's the end! :)

        Thursday, September 15, 2011

        a video of my naughty nephew, Faheem. :D

        السّلام عليكم
        Peace be upon YOU! ;)
        recently i uploaded a video of my dearest nephew, Faheem playing with his new toy Chuggington and chasing  around his youngest uncle, Pak Busu Kimie a.k.a. Hakimie.
        so here i would like to made an entry about the video. :D

        as i told in the description on Youtube, this video was taken on the 22nd of June 2011.
        it was during Faheem's 2nd birthday celebration.
        he had just got a Chuggington toy as a birthday present from his parents and excitedly play with it. :D
        in the video you can see that Faheem was shy and run after his uncle, Pak Busu [in yellow t-shirt] after been kissed by his uncle. ;)
        it seems like he was bullying his uncle! xD
        since i was quite busy in June, therefore, i had missed to post
        an entry about Faheem's 2nd birthday celebration.
        did you noticed that i only posted one entry on June! :O
        hence, here are the pictures taken on the 22nd of June 2011. >>
         Faheem loves Chuggington so much! :D
         *after! Faheem ate ALL the Chuggers' EYES! :O
        next, he tried to eat the Chuggington's body! HAHA.
         and then made an innocent face. :[
         then yeayy~ it's time to open the present! :)

          ohh! i had just realized that tomorrow is Aleena's 1st birthday!! :DDD
        it's not tomorrow actually, but it's TODAY! :O
        Aleena was born on the 15th September last year! aww~ how fast time flies! :)
        i could still remember Faheem's 1st birthday celebration last year.
        it was not long after my family and i involved in an accident.
        and the wounds on my brother's, mother's and my own eyes could clearly seen in the picture. :D
        here it is >>
         *click on image to enlarge*
        there's a bruise on my left eye, a swollen on my mum's forehead, and an effect of stitches on my brother's eyebrow. :O
        Faheem and his parents. :)

        ohh~ohh~ i gotta off now! i was thinking of baking something for Aleena tonight.
        but now is quite late.
        hmm~ maybe i'll bake it tomorrow morning if god wills. :)