Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't toss your old table calendars!!!

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
 errr~ some might wonder,, "what is table calendar???" then, ask Mr. GOOGLE!! -,-"LOL!
okay, why we shouldn't toss our old table calendars? hmmm~
yikes-a-bee! because we could turn it into something crafty and attractive!! :DDD
if you're getting bored of seeing common styles of picture frame,, i suggest you to try to made this one!
 what you'll be needed are: a table calendar, a picture, pencil for sketching, poster colours, and transparent plastic cover[optional].

first, sketch your picture on the hard cover of the table calendar.
 then paint it using poster colour with your own styles and colour options.
WARNING: DON'T do this on your bed like the way i did! xD
 tadaaaa~ this was the result!
if you're worry as if the painting will be spoil, protect it by wrapping it with the plastic cover that we usually use to wrap our school text book back in our school years. ^_^
this step is optional. :)
 yet, if you think that you're not good at painting, then you could simply paste on any pictures, articles, quotes, signs or what ever that you find it interesting. ;)

okay, that's all for now,
i hope you'd like to try this out later and share the outcomes with me. :D

p/s: my scissors up there is cute right? :P i've been using it since i was 7!! HAHA~ 
know what, i used to be a Hello Kitty stuffs collector back in 1999 till 2001. xD

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