Tuesday, October 11, 2011

semester break outing. :D

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
last week my friends and i went to Berjaya Times Square. frankly, it was the first time ever i went there by public transport! HAHA.
usually i went there with my family, so of couse by car.
Times Square used to be my family's favourite spot,, errr~ my mother's to be specific! HAHA. it was because there were a lots of shoe shops which sell shoes at low prices.
well, my mum would always find places where goods are sold at the lowest price, she's just like Rebecca's mother in the movie 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. :P
Awwwhh~ my family and i loved to eat at the Chicken Hartz Restaurant after shopping there.
i could still remember that we have celebrated my 13th birthday at the restaurant! :D

err,, back to the main topic!
my friend, Nurmaislatifah Zulkifli a.k.a. Mais and i met up at the Taman Melati LRT Station around 10 a.m. ,,
while, our so called 'tour guide' from UTP ; Aidil Nawawi didn't woke up  yet! duhhh~
so,another friend of us, Abdul Muzil Azman a.k.a Mujil who took the Commuter from Sentul, directed us to take the LRT to KL Sentral and changed to Monorail from there to Dang Wangi.
thanks God, we finally arrived at Times Square safely even though we were stuck for a while before we reached the KL Central Monorail Station. it was due to a little flood there. :O
i haven't ride the Monorail for quite some time, so that i was like so 'jakun' and took a picture of the card. LOL!
 right after we reached at Dang Wangi Station, Mais and i was searching for Muzil for like hours! HAHA. he asked us to meet up at the 7eleven, but then, when we were waiting in front of a 7eleven store, he wasn't there,,but then we talked on the phone and found out that we were both at different 7eleven,,so Mais and iwalked away to another 7eleven shop.but still,he's not there. after quite some time he finally decided to meet up at the Cold Storage, and finally we found him! LOL! then only we found out that there are 4 [or more] 7eleven store available around there. duhhh~ >,<"

not long after that, Aidil came and then we played bowling.
i'm totally bad at playing bowling. like always, i will be the one who got the least score.
and of course Muzil, the former chairman of the Bowling Club at our school was the one who leads. :D
 Mais said for quite a few times that she wanted to throw the ball to Aidil coz he was late. :P
 this is how Times Square's Bowling Shoes look like[the one on left and right]. they look way too bad compared to the brand new shoes available at the Wangsa Walk Mall's bowling center.
 i refused to wear it and played with my own sneakers.
and the result was, i've been scolded by the bowling center's patrol. HAHA.

next, the boys rushed to the nearest mosque to perform Friday Prayer.
while, Mais and i went to the Surau at Times Square.
after the boys returned, we refilled our 'empty tanks' with food at the newly opened food court at level 4.
the three of my friends were all enjoying their hot plate rice and noodles,
while, i had the Crispy Chicken Chop prepared by a 'bangla' guy. FYI, he gave me RM1 discount on my purchase! :P
thanks bro! i was so full after having the Chicky Chop. :D

after we finished gossiping  about their UTP and CFS IIUM's life, we went to McD and had sundae choco top before we went to Converse Store to help out Aidil to choose a brand new sneakers for him.
 *controversial picture. WOOT~ WOoT~ :P
 *this makes me thought that maybe i could secretly store in my stuffs in my room's ceiling! LOL!

after finished shopping, Muzil went seperated way,,while Mais, Aidil, and i took the Monorail back to Bukit Nanas, and then changed to the LRT track to Taman Melati.
but when we were on the Monorail, we missed the Bukit Nanas station due to extreme tiredness. LOL!
so we stopped at the next station and went back to Bukit Nanas on the next train. Phewwww~

on the way back before we reached Taman Melati, i called my mum to fetch me at the LRT station, but no one has came back home.
so i took the T205 Rapid KL bus. 
aww~ it really reminded me back to my school years when i have to take the bus from school to go back home, 
or if there's no bus came after 10 minutes of waiting, i'll be walking home for another 25 minutes from school. :)
it has been so long i haven't took the bus. so, now only i know that there's a 'Rabbit Card' system. HAHA.
Mais and Aidil were on the same bus with me because they wanted to stop at Plaza Idaman first before went back home to pay their internet bills.
but then, the bus went on the other route and didn't pass over the Plaza Idaman.
the three of us kept on arguing about the bus' real route.
luckily the old lady who sat in front of us interrupted our conversation, and told that the T205 buses are no longer pass by the Plaza Idaman like before. :O
so they quickly off the bus far away from their real targeted destination. pity them. xD

*after i reached home.
on that night, all of them kept complaining on Facebook that they're having muscle pain in their legs.
and that's the end! :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

2nd attempt of cooking Smooth Egg Tofu + facts about Brocolli.

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
yesterday i cooked 'Sayur Kacang Buncis' a.k.a. Green Beans a.k.a. Haricot Vert, together with some Broccoli and the remaining of my Smooth Egg Tofu,, [only one cylinder left. :( ]
but this time, [which was my second attempt of cooking the Egg Tofu] the tofu tastes much much better i think! :D
i was right, it would tastes better if it's deep-fried until it turned golden brown as i told in my previous entry where i share the recipe HERE.
in order to use a little amount of cooking oil, so i was frying them in a small pan, and cut the Tofu into thinner size, so that i could still 'deep-fry' them with a little amount of oil. :D

okay, here i would like to share a simple tips on 'the best way to cut the green beans'!
so that it would be tastes much better, the deliciousness of your sauce would seeps into the veggie, and you can taste the juicy-ness of the green beans once you bite them!
HAHAHA. so hyperbola!
it was taught by my aunt by the way. :D

first, cut out both of the ends of the green beans, after that, cut them into half along the line of the veggie, then only you cut them into smaller pieces as you wish. :)
*as seen in the picture, i'm lefty! :P

oh ya, just now when i was browsing the Reader's Digest website i found an article about Broccoli.
since i'm writing about the food, why not i share it here right? ;) here's the quotes. >>

"You may see broccoli as just another vegetable, but it can improve his odds against heart disease and cancer -- the two greatest health threats to men over 35. "Broccoli contains the immune-boosting vitamins A, C and E, as well as the minerals magnesium and potassium, which both promote healthy blood pressure," says Adler. The lifesaving stalk also helps lower the level of homocysteine in his body, an amino acid that's been found to increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and other heart-related problems. To keep him cancer-free, it's also loaded with iron, calcium, fiber, beta-carotene and a phytochemical called sulphoraphane, which has been shown to have potent anticancer properties, especially when it comes to the prostate and colon."
the article was focusing on man's diet FYI, that's why it was using the pronouns "him" and "his". :)
i think that's all for now. 
daaaa~ :D


the third attempt:
add in a dash of corn flour to made the gravy thickens like this. :D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Malaysian Dish Recipe :Smooth Egg Tofu in Oyster Sauce! :D

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
as i promised in the last entry where i shared a Black Pepper Squids recipe, here is my recipe of Smooth Egg Tofu!!
~3 cylinders of Smooth Egg Tofu [a.k.a. Tahu Jepun]
~Cooking Oil
~3 cloves of Garlic
~Broccoli, Baby Corns, [or any other crunchy vegetables]
~Salt / Fish Sauce
~2 tbsp oyster sauce
~2 tbsp sweet soy sauce [Kicap Manis]
~1 egg
~mixture of 1/2 tbsp of Corn flour with 2tbsp of water *optional*

1) Carefully cut the packaging of the Smooth Egg Tofu on the dotted line.
2) Slowly and very carefully remove the Tofu out from the packaging by letting the Tofu slide out by itself.
3) Slice the Tofu cylinder into 7 to 9 round pieces depending on the thickness that you would prefer.
4) fry in cooking oil until a thin 'skin' appeared on the outside.
 [i think it would be better if you fry them until it turned golden brown and crispy on the outside. hmm~ i should be a bit more patient next time!] 
5) then, Set aside the fried Tofu. 
6) To made the sauce, heat some Oil in a wok.
7) Add in the chopped Garlic and saute until fragrant.
8) Add in the Broccoli and Baby Corns together with Oyster Sauce and Sweet Soy Sauce a.k.a. Kicap Manis. and stir-fry for awhile.
9) Add in a cup of Water. if you wanted the sauce to be thicker, add in the Corn Flour mixture into the sauce. Let the sauce simmer and vegetables become tender.
10) Finally, add in the Chilli and crack an Egg into the mixture before add in the Tofu back into the wok. 
11) Stir very gently and turn off the heat once the mixture comes to a boil. voila! your Smooth Egg Tofu a.k.a. Tahu Jepun are now ready to be eaten! 

As usual, all Malaysian food are always best served with Steamed White Rice! ;)
that's all for now, i have to pen off now!
 chiow and Happy COOKING!

the third attempt :
add in a dash of corn flour to made the gravy thickens like this. :D

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

recipe: Black Pepper Squids the Malaysian style! :D

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
yesterday i cooked squids for the first time! wheeeeeeeeee~ <<< duhh~ pity me.=,="
so, that's mean, it was also the first time i cleaned the squid by myself. LOL! xD
 i still remember, when i was kid, i called this as 'the sword'. >>>
 and i used to call this one as 'moustache'!! >>>
as usual, i searched for many different recipes and combine them all. :)
so, here's my combined recipes! :D
~ 1/2 kg of Squids, cut and cleaned
~ 1 Onion, cut in round
~3 cloves of Garlic, chopped
~1 Red Chilli, sliced
~ Cooking Oil
~2 spoonful of Black Pepper Sauce
~2 teaspoon of Black Pepper beans, crushed coarsely
~ a dash of Black Pepper powder
~2 spoonful of oyster sauce
~ a pinch of Sugar and Salt to taste

P/S: you could also add in other ingredients like Ginger and Tomatoes, or replace the Oil with Butter, Sugar with Honey, and the Salt with Fish Sauce.

1) Fry the Squids in a wok for a few seconds just to discharge excessive water. [some of other recipes asked us to soak the squids in boiling water]
 *picture: after it has been fried for a few seconds.
2) Take out the Squids into a bowl and set aside.
3) Add in a little bit more oil in the same wok, then saute the Garlic and the crushed Black Pepper Beans until fragrant.
4) Add in water at this point if you love to 'slurp' the gravy. ;)
5 ) Add in the Squids back, together with the Oyster Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce and a pinch of Sugar and Salt.
6) lastly, add in the Onion and Red Chilli.
7) Taste a bit and adjust the taste by adding a dash of Black Pepper Powder. Mix well, and voila! your Black Pepper Squids a.k.a. Sotong Lada Hitam is now ready to be eaten!

it's best serve with plain white rice. :D

TIPS: do not over-cooked the squids, or else it will be quite tough.

 oh ya, yesterday i also cooked the Smooth Egg Tofu [a.k.a. Tahu Jepun]. i'll share the recipe later on.
so, stay tuned! :DDD
here's the picture of yesterday dishes! :P >>>

Sunday, October 2, 2011

sweat out at home. ;)

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
happy weekend everyone!
what are you planning to do today?
let's spend the leisure time with your family members!
maybe going out to get some groceries with the kids,,
or maybe you could go to the nearest park to do some healthy activities like sports and sweat out!
uhh-huh! who says we couldn't play sports and sweat out at home right in front of the TV set?
no no no~ in this era of  technology, there's nothing impossible,
and impossible is nothing! :P
okayyyyy,, what am i talking about is actually the Kinect for Xbox 360!
wheeeeeeeeeeeee~ :D
last week after my 2nd bro bought a new adaptor for the Xbox [to replace the old adaptor which had burnt due to over electric supply], my 1st bro came to visit us with his wife and the kids.
so we played the games together.
Hakimie was the one who was very excited playing it with Faheem.
check out the pictures below >>
hey look! the Malaysian goalkeeper, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat in green tshirt! :P
Faheem was excited to play the game together with his uncle, but couldn't resist the milk obviously! xD
again, with the milk. :P
and AGAIN! still with the milk bottle! :DDD
now, it's time for daddy!
back to the kids, Pak Busu Kimie VS Faheem. :)

HAHA. back in last week, i kept on playing them every evening when no one was at home.
i was quite good at playing the Kinect Adventures anyway! [masuk bakul angkat sendiri]
but i was too bad at playing the Dance Central.
seriously i can't dance! xD
even i was choosing the EASY level, with slow music [which was Down by Jay Sean], i could only managed to get an average of 2marks out of 8 marks in every performance! LOL!
that's all for now, gtg! c ya!

i'm in love with POLAROIDs!!! :O

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
i'm in love with WHAT??!! Polaroids land camera?? 
LOL! some people might say,, "are you kidding?? duhh~ so outdated!" 
but for me it's such a cool camera!
with a single snap, voila! you got the picture instantly as easy as one, two, three! :D

 some more, i just LOVE the way the Polaroids photographs look like.
we could write captions for every single pictures on the empty space below the picture,, ;)
huhuu~ know what,, i would love to have the camera since LONGGGGG long time ago just because of i wanted to arrange those polaroids pictures of mine into a wall art in my crib just like the one in picture below! :)
 nevertheless, in this era of modernization, we could replicate the unique look of Polaroids pictures!
this is another option for people who eager to have a collections of Polaroids photographs [like me] without even a single cent!
Hihi~ FYI, i had just came across with a web where we can download an application which could turn a normal digital picture into a Polaroid-like picture for FREE!! :D

check out this picture of my shoes >>
 cool right? :D

this app also doesn't turned the pictures automatically into the final result,,
but the image changes from one moment to another,,
just like the photograph came out from the real Polaroid Stand Camera, we have to shake shake them first for a few seconds right? :D

see the changes of the picture's colour below >>>

here are some other pictures i've experimented on >>

so POLAROID lovers, hurry! get yours now!
FIRST, simply download the FREE app at http://www.poladroid.net/ and launch it.
SECOND, drag and drop the photo you would like onto the blue Polaroid camera like the one in picture below >>
 THIRD, 'shake' the photo while waiting it to change it's colour completely. LOL!
voila! now you have your own Polaroid picture!
theeeeeehee~ :D

however, i'm still thankful to God that i have my own digital camera.
even it's not a Polaroid, or DSLR, or Lomo, or whatsoever fancy camera that i ever wanted in this world, but this one was a gift from my mum.
that makes this camera so special to me. :D
thanks mum! :')