Tuesday, November 15, 2011

British Council KL Part 2. [Oct-Nov 2011]

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;)
wow wheeeee~ it has been quite some time i didn't visit my blog! :P
well, recently i was busy attending short course at BC, that's why i didn't have much time to online. :)
as i told previously, in January this year, i've already attended the General English class at BC,, back then, i was in the Upper-Intermediate class.
but i don't really think that i deserve to be in the U.I. class. >,<"
but this time,, i wanted to try something new, so i decided to take the IELTS preparation class.
but unfortunately, when i registered for the Upper IELTS class, there's no enough students for that level. so the class was canceled.
therefore, my registration fee would be refunded. or else, i've to go for the Lower IELTS class instead.
but since i don't really think that i deserved to be in the U.I. class, so i accept it! :D

thus, i've started going to the class on the Oct 25th.
my class teacher was absent on the first day, so the class was organized by a substitute teacher,,who i forgot her name.[yeah,, i'm pretty bad at memorizing new names some time.] :P
but amazingly i could remember the name of my substitute teacher on the 4th and the 8th day at BC, who were Mrs. Vaishali and Mr. David. :D
on the first day, i found that my tablemates are not as fun as my previous class.
they didn't talk much,,and even refused to mix around with other students at other tables.
after the class, they directly went back home. so, i spent my time self-studying at the ELLZ [english language learning zone] ALONE! wow wheee~
during my last course, i usually went to the ELLZ with at least a friend or two,,
my previous classmates also oftenly asked me to had lunch together. but this time, no more!!! :( 
thus, i automatically set in my mind that IELTS class is not as fun as the general eng. class.
maybe because everyone are focusing on their up coming exams right? hmmm~
*lone ranger.

however, everything was different on the second day, i changed my position, i sat next to Joan. and Joan sat next to Ada. 
we talked and laugh a lottttt! we also exchanged our emails and contact numbers. and that day became more cheerful than the previous day. thanks god! :)
*a more sincere smile compared to the previous day. :P

day by day, i became more closer to every single students in the class.
there were 18 students in my class,, 10 of them, which is more than 50% of my class were consist of IRANIAN peoples! woww~ :O
*Farhad and Cheng's name were missing. 
in my previous course, there were only 5 Iranians,, and the rest were from Italy, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
 but i still considered the Iranians were the majority back then. :D
Iranian peoples are so rich! they considered the education fees, accommodations and food in Malaysia are so so cheap!
pheewwww~ guys! we should be thankful  to live here in MALAYSIA! ;)

 ~Aigul, Joe Ee, Bahar.
~Weeraya[Thailand],me, Joan[Indonesia],Suhada[Malaysia].
 *we brought our own lunch box for the recess time. :D
 *and practicing on the IELTS speaking test together.
 *errrkk,, did i slept while discussing? LOL!
*had lunch together. and shared the Dumplings. :PPP
*and shared the umbrella. ehem~
* i ♥ pepper lunch!

 *and had lunch together again, again and againnn! :D 
 and most of the time, Weeraya would asked me for a recommendation food. and i'll translate all the menus for her.
but in the end, she'll choose the meal by herself. HAHAHA. :P
 *and spent our time together. ;)

on the second last day, i brought along 3 boxes of chocolate cupcakes that i made for my classmates.
we ate them in the end of the class together with our class teacher, Ms. Donna Duncan.
everyone was so surprised and wonder why did i brought those cupcakes.
Kourosh and Saied kept asking me questions such as, "what are these for?" "what day is today??" "is today's your birthday???" HAHAHA,,
then i simply answered "today is Tuesday!" LOL! 
nothing was special bout that day, but for me, everyday is so special.
btw, is it a MUST to have something on, and then only we would celebrate it? 
heee~ it's just that i'm happy every time i made others happy! :DDD
IELTS  with DONNA. =)
 on the same day, Weeraya also brought a pack of traditional snack from her hometown for us. :D

 and finally on the last day at BC, i took some pictures with all of my classmates and Ms Donna.
Lower IELTS 4.
 at the back from left : Hassan, Joe Ee, Cheng, Kourosh, Saied, Aigul, Nashaar.
in front from left : Bahar, Jan, Princess, Joan, Ms. Donna, Elahe, Weeraya, me, and Ada[down].
we also got an MPH voucher worth RM50 as the reward for taking the Eng. Pilot Test before.
hahaa,, i only got 37 marks for the test. :(
Joan got 50, and Hassan got 60 marks! wowww~
even Ms. Donna said the questions were quite hard.
yeahh,, for me it's a quite tricky and confusing test. not really a real 'language test'! LOL!

p/s: click on the image to view larger image. :)


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