Friday, April 29, 2011

homemade pizza by me + faheem playing with the wheelbarrow. :D

24th April 2011.
السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
yeahh! finally i've got some 'free time' to made an entry about the homemade pizzas that i made  last weekend!
as i told in my previous entry,, yikes-a-bee~ i made pizzas! ;D
so, as usual,,
here i would like to share my own 'tibai-saja-lah' recipe which i had mix and match from other recipes i found on the net. :D
but before that, let's take a look at these pizzas-in-the-making pictures,,
well, there's a Malay saying "dari mata turun ke hati" ecehhh~
which means 'from the eyes down to the heart'. (erkk~ betul ke? HAHA. what ever!)
thus i would like to show ya the pictures first, so that you'll be interested to made it too. :)
  kimball, farmcow, lady's choice. :]
i put some baked beans on the second one! :)
tadaa~ this is the result!
and this is the smaller one! :)
okay, here's the recipe!
sonang jo! cayo la cakap den. ;))

~3cups of flour.
~approximately 3 spoons of melted butter/shortening
~3 spoons of caster sugar.
~3 spoons of milk powder.
 [i don't have any milk powder in my kitchen other than Faheem's milk powder which is specially designed for children's growth! so i use the coffee creamer instead! LOL!]
~1/2 teaspoon of table salt.

~ approximately 1 cup of warm water.
~2 teaspoons of yeast.

~cooking oil, garlic,onion, crab balls, prawn balls, ground beef, capsicum, tomato puree, pinch of salt, dash of black pepper. baked beans.
[you may also add in other ingredients such as chicken, sausage, pineapple, mixed vegetables, oregano, cheddar/mozarella]
 heat the cooking oil,add in the garlic and stir till fragrant. add in the onion and other ingredients. cook till the sauce is thick. and voila the topping is ready!! :D

preparation method:
~combine all the INGREDIENTS A in a bowl.
~pour in the water, and knead the dough until soft.
~~lid dough with damp cloth until it rise 2 times.
~punch the dough to remove air and devide into two.
~~flatten dough according to the desired thickness.
~let dough rise slightly for few minutes.
~bake in oven for about 10 minutes.
~remove from oven, and spread a lil bit of butter, mayonnaise, and tomato puree.
~sprinkle the INGREDIENTS C which had been prepared before.
~put a layer of shredded cheese,a layer of canned button mushrooms, and another layer of the cheese!!
i always love a cheesier pizzas,so i put a lots lotss lotsssss of cheeseee!!
wheee~ SAY CHEESE!  :DDD

ohhh,, i almost forget to tell ya!
erm,while i was busy in the kitchen, suddenly i noticed that the house was slightly quiet and i can't hear Faheem's voice,,
so i get out and found out that my father was busy cleaning a lil bit more the rukun tetangga's yard.
[well, seems like the 'gotong-royong' spirits in the previous day has not yet gone. :P ]
but what caught my attention was,, Faheem was also wanted to help out his atok!! ;D
Faheem: "lalalaaaa~ i'm strong enough to push this thing. :P"
"errrrghh~ erghh~ why suddenly i can't even make this thing moving!! ;0 "
"yeahh! i've got a 'car'!" :D
"ohh,, i'm tired! need a break for a while."
"oh,, it's too hot! i can't stand it! gimme umbrella! :/"
"uhhh,, working as labor isn't suit for me,, i wan't to quit now!"
afterwards faheem went into the house and slept soundly until the evening!
haha, and that's the end! daa~ :D