Monday, May 16, 2011

happy teacher's day.

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
today i would like to wish HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all teachers in the entire world!
including the greatest teachers of mine,,
my mum and my dad, who have been teaching me the real meaning of life for these 18 years, 3 months, and 3 days. ;)
hmm,, for the past 12 years, i would always waiting for the date 16th May to attend the teacher's day celebration at school,, plus, to show how much i love them! ;)
but UNFORTUNATELY, today i'm no longer a school kid. :(
so,, i could only wish all the best for all of them through this post,,
remember! do appreciate your teachers and don't mess up with them! tau tau tau! :D

erm, talking about teachers reminds me to the favourite teacher of mine when i was 6 years old!
her name is Mrs. Nathan!
she was my English teacher when i was studying at Tadika Sempurna, Gombak.
yeahh,, the kindergarten which was founded by Arwahyarham Omar Fidler.
our kindergarten was devided into few classes which represent one teacher and one subject.
okay,kalau tak faham,buat2 faham je lahh ye. :P
my class was Bunga Chempaka a.m. which represented the Mathematics subject and was taught by a Malay teacher whom i totally forgot her name.ouppssy! :P
during the Malay Language subject, we needed to move into the Bunga Raya class,,
and during the English class we moved into Bunga Kenanga class,, which was taught by Mrs Nathan!! yeayy!
during her class, other than teaching us how to write and read English words, she also told us stories, watched the educational tv programs with us, and even taught us how to cook!!
after her class, she oftenly asked me to stay back, and draw for her pictures.
then she would paste it on the walls after making me felt a bit 'proud' by showing it to the whole class!
besides, she was also love to write the word "good" and draw 5 stars on every single pages of my exercise book! theeehee~
omg! she's my biggest fan on drawing at that time. :) i really miss her,, :)

other than Mrs. Nathan, i also do admire some other teachers..
Cikgu Asmawati -  she's my first class teacher ever at sk Gombak 2,,so i do love her muchhh~ and we're still keep in touch on fb. :)

teacher safina - she's the one who made me fall in love with english so much!!! one fact about her that i still remember until today is, there're a big carved on her gold bracelet saying "SAFINA" :)

Ustaz Khadapi - he loved to ask us for questions and he would always answered it by telling us the 'sirah Rasulullah s.a.w' or 'para sahabat' and i love the way he explained to us. and if he didn't know the answer, he will write the question on a piece of paper, and he would answer the question as soon as the next day! seriously, his baju melayu's pockets were totally full with small notes, papers with questions on it, and a black pilot shaker for jotting down the questions! ;D

Cikgu Shah Noramie - the one who call me "anak cikgu". he's my Kajian Tempatan and music teacher. he was also love to praise my drawings and writing. :P (but now i'm no longer good at drawing,and no longer have a nice handwriting!!)

TEACHER HAFSAH - i think she's the most FAVOURITE TEACHER of mine during PRIMARY school. ;) some people said that she's GARANGGG! but for me she's so SWEET even though she MEMBEBEL quite a lottt. HAHA. i still remember, she's the first person i hugged after my mum when i got straight A's for UPSR. :')

Cikgu Sarena - she taught me Arts,,that's why i love her this much >> ♥ ♥ ♥ :D almost the same like teacher Hafsah, because almost everyone in the school dislike her,,in the other word "hate" her coz she was a discipline teacher,, her voice can be heard miles awayyyyy. and her words were quite cruel. LOL! she would tear out the pagesss of her student's sketch book if the painting did not satisfies her,, luckily she never torn out my sketch book! ;) gahahaa,, but for me she's a very soft-hearted inside. =)

Cikgu Marina Zalwarni - she's the only teacher who called me by my nick name. :P

Cikgu Juliana - she was my maths teacher during form 1. i used to feel so ashamed towards her since i 'kantoi' to her for writing some small notes as a reminder in my pencil case,which was mistakenly took by a friend of mine and passed up to her as the 'maths quiz answer sheet'. and the reminder was the one which made me to embarrassed because she was suspecting that i was a bully who hunting for...lalalaa~ only eddy knows about this story.LOL! xD but i think she has forgot bout this tragedy. hope so! :P

Teacher Zuraida Pakir - she's just so sweet and nice! i still remember she invited us to her new house on hari raya. her kids were so cute and chubby yet naughtyyyy! ;D

Teacher Rooslizal - she's loving and caringgggg and very very supportive! she has helped me a lottttts, by giving me her own opinion on what's the best choice of picking the courses for UPU. :) okay, her kids are so cuteeee with their curly hair! ;) i believe that she's a good cook!! just take a look at her fb pictures,, there's a various kinds of dishes that she cooked. but unfortunately i never had the opportunity to taste her cuisine. :(

Ustazah Nazifah - i just love the way she is. ;)

Cikgu Asiah - i admit that i didn't really like her when she was the one who taught us maths in 2008. but after leaving the year 2008, suddenly i really love her! i love the way she used to ignore the twits by her students and the way she was sulking with her students and PERLI us by saying "tak nak blaja maths takpe, saya tutup je buku ni,, boleh rilax2" HAHA. plus, i like her because many others dislike her. huhu~ i DON'T KNOW WHY DID I ALWAYS LOVE THE PERSON WHO HAVE A LOTSSSS OF ENEMY OR RIVAL or something like that. :D

Teacher Aishah - she's so caring too! she's quite strict at marking our class' examination papers.LOL! she oftenly reminded me "Fatin, your grammar is good, but u often did not have enough time to write a long essay!" haha.

Ustazah Che Esah - i always paid my full attention during her class! ;)) she used to be my sister's favourite ustazah in the year 1998! :D and i inherited her 'fav. ustazah'. :P

Cikgu Norlela - she's my chemistry teacher and she was always said to me "Fatin, buat baik-baik ye,,chemistry sayaa!! alahhh haii~" every time i 'salam' and kiss her hands before i'm leaving the lab. ;)

Cikgu Rosidah - she's my mum's bestfriend. she took over my mum's position after my mum left the schl. :D she was also oftenly gave the words of the spirit by saying "Fatin bolehhh!" every time i 'salam' and kiss her hands before she left the class.

Cikgu Paridah Baharudin - she's the most humble teacher i ever met,,but few of my friends didn't really like her,,because to them,she's borring. i'm very sympathy to her since she got some heath problems. :'(

Teacher Norita and Cikgu Azuraidah - they're the library teachers. since i was a librarian,,so i'm quite close with both of them,, they're like friends to me,,especially cikgu azu. she's so funny! she's a joker. :D while teacher norita is more to be a perfect shoulder to cry. she's so supportive,,and always listen to my problems.

Teacher Aina - she's my addmaths tuition teacher-cum-my classmate's mother. she's so GARANGGGGG to other people,, but for me, i can still stand her 'fierceness'. LOL! ;) amazingly i never cried during her tuition class. actually i could simply shed tears when something touching happened,,but dunno why i could be so 'tabah' for during her classes. :P i still remember there was a student of her, accidentally peeing infront of her after being scolded. :D

here i would like to say thanks a bunch to:
Mrs Nathan - [tadika sempurna]
Cikgu Asmawati, Cikgu Azizah, Ustazah Mahani, Cikgu Amelia. - [1 anggerik]
Cikgu Norazlin, Teacher Habibah? - [2 anggerik]
Cikgu Hanisah, Teacher Safina, Ustaz Khadapi   - [3cemerlang]
Cikgu Amelia, Teacher Safina, Cikgu Asmawati, Cikgu Shah Noramie, Ustaz Khadapi - [4 cemerlang]
Teacher Hafsah, Cikgu Rohana, Cikgu Noriza Hanim, Cikgu Shah Noramie, Ustazah Rozlin - [5 cemerlang]
Teacher Hafsah, Ustaz Khadapi, Cikgu Rohana, Cikgu Noriza Hanim, Cikgu Shah Noramie - [6 cemerlang]
Cikgu Nyonyo Ayot, Cikgu Sarena, Cikgu Marina Zalwarni, Cikgu Mazlinda, Teacher Packiam, Cikgu Juliana, Cikgu Nik Maizan, Cikgu Hunnah. - [1murni]
Cikgu Hasni Shazlina, Teacher Zuraida, Cikgu Azlina, Cikgu Azura sc., Teacher Rooslizal, Cikgu Mahani -george max well :D - [2 murni]
Teacher Rooslizal, Ustazah Nazifah, Cikgu Zarina, Cikgu Asiah, Cikgu Azura kh., Cikgu Khairi, Cikgu Azlina, Cikgu Normawati, Cikgu Wan Zaini, Cikgu Juliana - [3 murni]
Ustazah Nazifah, Cikgu Azerin, Teacher Aishah, Cikgu Norlela, Cikgu Rosidah, Cikgu Paridah, Cikgu Azlina - [4 sejahtera]
Cikgu Latifah, Ustazah Che Esah, Teacher Aishah, Cikgu Norlela, Cikgu Rosidah, Cikgu Paridah b, Cikgu Zuraida, Cikgu Zarina, Cikgu Shauki, Cikgu Hunnah, Cikgu Adnan - [5 sejahtera]
Teacher Norita, Cikgu Azuraidah - [guru pusat sumber sekolah]
Teacher Aina(addmaths), Sir Ong(physics), Sir Max(chemistry) - [tuition]
here is an old proton advertisement about a teacher which touches my heart just now. :')

image source:google.


  1. cikgu sains kite mase f1 bkn cikgu azura lah, ckgu azura ckgu sains f2. f1 cikgu nik maizan, yg pakai spek tuu.

  2. ehem cikgu ckemistry ehem aku! ehem ta wish! ehem ehem cough cough!! HAHAHA XDD

  3. muzil: yaaa,,cikgu nik maizan!
    yeahh ingat2.
    huhuu,,confused pulak dngn form 2. :P

  4. yan: yeahh,, you're my chemistry teacher!
    thanks cikgu! :P
    happy teacher's day cikgu yan,,
    jngn lupa blanja saya ice cream ye cikgu!
    cikgu hutang saya ice cream!

  5. @jacson teo - i don't think that the video has specific name because it was an advertisement on TV.
    if you want it,you can simply search 'iklan proton' on youtube. :)