Monday, May 9, 2011

decision of a tenage girl. :O

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
okay,, urmm~ i think i've make up my mind.
and i feel like going to Matrikulasi Arau, Perlis, INDERA KAYANGAN.
yess! far to the north! i don't care about the distance,,
as long as i could take up the food tech course next. :)
the main entrance.
and the hostel,
but i've got few problems now,, first, who could send me there??
my registration day will be on the 23rd of May from 8a.m to 10.30a.m,,
so, most probably i must go to Arau at least on Sunday,, 
but, my ayah will be outstation. 
my mama need to go to school, moreover she's not used to drive for a long distance. 
my bro-in-law couldn't take leave anymore since he has applied for 2 weeks leave for the us trip,,
and most probably, my brother too.
then Kak Ija surely will be lost,, even if she bring along a GPS. ;P
hmm,, if i take a bus, then how i could get there from the bus terminal? taxi? it's too dangerous for taking taxi in a strange place,, anything could happen especially to a woman,,okay i'm still a girl! not woman. :P
erm,, Pedot a.k.a. Firdaus Salim offered me to ride his father's car, but he will be register at UiTM Arau on Sunday,,
so where would i sleep on Sunday night??? on the roadside?? -,-"
i've asked Pikah a.k.a Nur Syafiqah Rozani on her FB wall whether i can 'tumpang' her or not,, but she did not respond yet. okay,, tak malunyeee aku ni! :P
yeahh! she'll be going to Matrix Perlis with me too! :)
 Pedot! this will be your 'paradise'. :)
our place are just 4 minutes away! :DDD
okay,,another problem is i will be going to US on the 28th of May,,
so i need to go home on the 27th,,and that's mean i need to suspend the registration or apply for leave.
but i really wanted to go for the registration day on the 23rd! :(
but just now i was accessing the KMP's website and go to the FAQ section,,then i saw this! >>>

"Bolehkah saya menangguh pendaftaran pada 23 Mei 2011 atau 14 Jun 2011?
Written by Tajul Azhar bin Mohd Tajul Ariffin    Tuesday, 12 April 2011 15:14    PDF Print E-mail
Pelajar tidak boleh menangguh pendaftaran. Jika ada sebab yang kritikal dan munasabah, sila mohon daripada Pengarah Kolej anda ditempatkan sebelum hari pendaftaran. Maksimum penangguhan hanya 3 hari. Jika melebihi 3 hari, rayuan perlu dibuat kepada Pengarah Bahagian Matrikulasi." 

hmm,, is this means that i could not apply for the two weeks leave?? 
or i need to register on the 14th June with the second intake students?
  uhhm,, okay what ever! 

hmm,,i was wondering what would i learn there,, and these are the answer..

Modul I

1. Mathematics 2. Chemistry 3. Physics 4. Biology

Modul II

1. Mathematics 2. Chemistry 3. Physics 4. Computer Science

Modul III

1. Mathematics 2. Chemistry 3. Biology 4. Computer Science
1. English 2. Kemahiran Dinamika? 3. Pendidikan Islam dan Moral 4. Co curriculum
registration fee: RM425
okay, so for more info:
Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis
02600 Arau
Phone num : 04 - 9868613/614/615/616
Fax num : 04 - 9868542
 Pengarah Bahagian Matrikulasi,
Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia,
Aras 6-7, Blok E 15, Parcel E,
62604 Putrajaya,
phone number: ??? can someone tell me?

okay, what IF i go to UiTM Kuala Pilah?
which would "Mengubah Destini Anak Bangsa",,
hmm,, what would i be learning are...
Year One & Year Two (Semester 1 to Semester 4)

The first two years provide a foundation to various business related disciplines. Students are introduced to several foundation courses, which comprise:

•    3 fundamental business courses:  Management, Marketing and Finance,
•    3 economics courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Malaysian Economics
•    2 accounting courses: Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting
•    2 quantitative courses: Business Mathematics and Introduction to Statistics
•    1 legal course: Business Law

Students are also required to equip themselves with other knowledge and skills to further enhance their quality.  These include taking courses in:

•    Computer & Information Processing
•    Business Communication
•    English and another foreign language
•    Islamic Studies
•    Co-curricular activities

Year Three
(Semester 5 & Semester 6)

In the final year, students will continue to take another three compulsory business related courses: Human Resource Management, Information Technology in Business and Business Development. Other than these, students are also given the flexibility of selecting 7 other business related courses from a range of 12.  Among them are Investment Management, Organizational Behavior, Operations Management, Principles of Public Relations, Introduction to International Business, Principles and Practice of Selling, Research Methodology, Fundamentals of Insurance and Fundamentals of Transport.  These wide ranges of business courses provide students with a strong basis in facing the various facets of  business challenges.
for more info:
UiTM Negeri Sembilan
Peti Surat 156
72000 Kuala Pilah
Negeri Sembilan
Tel: 06-482 1202
(Cik Yusniza Yaacob)
Fax: 06-484 1296
the entrance. okay,,so artistic. O_O
okay,,the room is for only two person,,and it's look WOW~
*jealous* *jealous*
well,,new campus right,,of course still 'bau kedai'. haha~
but other facilities for sure not enough yet.
and it's deserted!! nice. ;)
saya tidak mudah terpedaya dengan rupa paras luaran sahaja. ececehh~
sekian wassalam. ;)

images source: ikhsan incik GOOGLE yang comel.


  1. eh,, entri yg selepas ni kan dah ckp,,
    ayah tak bagi pergi matrix.
    dia suruh pilih diploma uitm tu.

  2. adik baik adik masuk ke matrik sains drp amek diploma pengajian perniagaan atau diploma nurse ppum tu..kalo nak amek food tech baik melalui matrik..dpat peringkat degree lg..jgn sia2 kan masadepan anda..pilihan utk diri sendiri sbb awak yg nak baik pergi matrik tu

  3. ohh,,nursing kat ppum tu mmg tak nak pun.
    matrix tu parents saya tak bagi la kak,,
    lagi pun takut saya tak boleh catch up.
    diploma pengajian pniagaan ni masuk je lah dulu,,
    lps ni insyaallah dpt la tukar food tech,,AMIN!
    kalau saya masuk matrix belum tentu lagi dpt course yg saya nak nnt.
    sama jugak kan? so lebih baik bersusah susah dahulu,,bersenang senang tahun depan. :D
    saya yakin ni yg terbaik utk saya. amin amin.