Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5sejahtera's gathering + BBQ eddy. ;)

17th May 2011.
السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU!
alhamdulillah,, FINALLY! our plan for the picnic gathering at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa a.k.a. TT which had been postponed since last week was finally held yesterday! :D
it was quite funny cause i asked Yan and the gang to wait me at the bus stop in front of the Gombak police station,, coz i've got no transport that morning other than go there by bus,
well,my dad's working? and my mum was going for tuition class that morning.
but then,,my mum didn't allowed me to take the public transport,,
yelahh, dengan tangan penuh barang, nak bawak cake lagi,, pastu sekarang ni banyak pulak kes 'simbah acid' dekat area sini kan,,lagi laa. HAHA.
so i called Far a.k.a. Farzana Balqis Tarmizi,,but she said that she got something going on,,so maybe she'll be there a lil' bit late.
then i called iela a.k.a Nurul Naqila Shamsuddin,,she said that she's on the way to TT,,and almost arrived there.LOL
then i called Eryn a.k.a. Muzaireen Minhat, Mira and her was also otw,,but Mira and i was the organizer,, so,organizer mesti tolong organizer kan kan? :P hahaa,,so they u-turned back and picked me at my house~ yeeeeeha! thanks for the ride abang Mira! 
right after we reached there,, then then then,, we went straight away to the playground that we used to go back in the year 2008 when we were having farewell picnic after the PMR. :)
the 'double decker' hut were fully packed with a bigggg family,,so we gone into the smaller one even though there's a middle-aged lady sitting there at first..
the three of us whispered to each other,"weh,jom kita menapak dekat pondok mak cik tu,,lepas geng kita dah makin ramai nanti mesti makcik tu bla punyeee. :P" LOL!
how evil the three of us right?HAHAAA~
then one-by-one came to join us,,Wan, Apiz, Waneyy, iela, Anis, Zu, Syila, Rinda, Yan, Sarep, Saqif, and so on,,,and we kept on waitinggggg the others.
the clouds were getting darker,,after that,it started to rain cats and dogs! nice!
after the makcik 'chow' already, the rain stopped,,
and we were getting hungryyyyy,, so that we started to 'cilok gua, gua cilok lu' means 'rompak' merompak makanan masing2,,heehe~
but not my cake. :P
we waited for Nana and Ayu to came,, then only we would start to slice the cake.
well,,aweks vvip ni. :D
thus,,we were playing around first,, 'click click here, click click there' snap snap here and there.
plus, buat 'muka tembok' played the swings at the playground,,ohh man!! i miss playing the swing! ;)
then another 'muka tembok' was made when we get on the 'suspension bridge' which i'm really sure that it was designed specially for KIDS okay! :P
afterwards, after Nana has arrived, wan as the ex-monitor 'lizard' played his role by slicing the cake,,
but satu slice je dia potong! chett~ baik takyah! -,-" huhu.
then after having the cake,,we snap some more picturesss then we seperate our own way and went back home.
but for me,Nana, Wan, Apiz and Ayu,,Eddy had invited us for having BBQ at his new house.
so i SMS my mum saying tht i'll be going to Mak cik Kiah's house.
(Mak Cik Kiah is Eddy's mum)
so we went to perform Asar prayer first, and having some Maggi goreng at mamak stall.
okay then we went to Eddy's new house and perform the Maghrib prayer.
yeahh, immediately after i reached Eddy's house and get into the kitchen, Eddy's mom a.k.a mak cik Kiah,(my mum's friend) said "ehhh Fatinn pon adaa!!! ni mak tau tak datang sini ni?" :D
yeahh yeahh,, i answered, "adaa. :) dah message dah."

okay,,i was kinda awkward,, i wonder why my mum didn't reply anything for my SMS thinggy.
coz normally my mum would say that i must get home before Maghrib. :P
hahaa,,after solat, we started to BBQing the chickens.
at the same time,tahu tahu saja lahhh,,when the PK has met up,,surely we'll be getting so soo talkative.
but i'll be the listener,the observer,and the 'tukang gelak laju laju'.ehh,,correction! 'evil evil'. :P
okayy,,Nana tak habis habis nak match up tuttt dengan tuttt~
tau laa jelous sebab aku bejaya match up Ayu dengan Apiz dulu kan? HAHA.
okay, at 9pm, then only my mum called, at that time the chickens were not ready yettt!
and i said that my friend will send me home, don't worry mum.
and then at 10.30 she called againn.
HAHA. she said "amboi nak jadi cinderella balik pukul 12 malam?"
hehh~ then she wanted to talk to Mak cik Kiah, so i passed the phone to Makcik Kiah.
heeee~ thanks god mak cik ada, kalau tak, tak tahu la macam mana nak kasi mak saya ni percaya~ :)
LOL~ suddently Ayu reminded me bout last year's worst tragedy!
it was mother's day, so Syue, iela, Anis,and the others planned to do something for their mums.
since Yan and i was quite good at baking,, so we did taught the rest including Ayu how to bake at Syue's house.
then we brought home the cake for our mums. ;)
but at those years back i could hardly get out with my friends.
actually only for the hari raya celebration or weddings or any other occation at my friends' house i could attend.
so i didn't told that i was baking at my friends house,,actually i wanted to surprise her,, but then..
she SMS me and said something that showed she's very very very angry at me.
immediately after i read the message, my eyes started to shed tears,,
and i grabbed Ayu's hand and dragged her outside of Syue's house.
and i cried so hard,,the small kids who passed by, stopped and stared at me,,
yeahh, Ayu did coaxed me,, then she sent me home by Fikri's motorcycle.
*act,she didn't have a license at that time,but she did sacrifies for me.
thnksssss  so so much ayu!
okay.then when i get into the house my mum kept on 'membebel' and i just passed the pack contained a bigggg slice of cake.
and she thought that i went to a kenduri kawen instead! because the packaging was too nice.
like the one we usually got from 'kenduri kawen'. duhh~ -,-"
tapi malas lah nak menjawab.
then i kept on locked myself in my room most of the time for the whole week.
okay, that was the first time i 'merajuk' with my mum for more than an hour.
hmm,,and that's the end.

ohh oh, bout the BBQ, we went home at 11.20p.m.
i get into the house,and my mum didn't said anything. :)
chocolate cake by me. :D
onigiri a.k.a. nasi kepal by Yan.

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