Monday, November 12, 2012

final exam result is out!

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
Two days ago, my 2nd semester's final examination result has been sent to me through my email. 
i was hoping really hard that i'd get the 'Dean List' for this second semester, since i didn't managed to get it during my first semester.
i can say that indeed, i was a little too 'over confident' that i could easily get a flying colours result back then since the first time i enrolled the Business Studies course.
Well, being left for one semester by all my mates back then causes me to see how all my Sciences friends managed to co-op with all those non-sciences subjects pretty well.
And alhamdulillah, He has shown me that He won't simply 'reward' me with such good grades as if i didn't strive for it.

With the help of my family members who are being so supportive, my friends who are always being so helpful, and those supportive lecturers, former teachers and all, eventually i managed to achieve what i've been dreaming of all this while.
alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah, thank you Allah,
i managed to get DL, and i managed to increase my GPA by 0.42 compared to my previous semester's GPA.

However, this doesn't mean that i'm now being in the so called  'comfort zone'.
i've got to push more and more in order to get a better CGPA in the next semester's result.
i've got to bear in my mind, THIS is the best way for me to 'thank' my beloved parents.
Plus, i'm quite agree with what one of my friends(Bell) has suggested on her blog, indeed we  are the one who should reward our parents instead of being rewarded by them for getting good result in exams.
Well, they've sacrificed too much time, things, money, and all just to send us to school and university. 
Then why should we demand for a present once we achieve good result?
So i'm currently thinking of giving a present to my parents. Maybe i can make something crafty for them, or maybe i can simply bake my parents' favourite cake with a 'thank you' wish on it! :D

Hmm, Talking about my result, i'm a little bit disappointed with my CTU151 paper. I actually managed to get the highest carry marks among my classmates for that subject, and again! due to the 'over confident' problem in myself, and busy focussing too much on the tougher subjects, i didn't perform very well on that subject on the examination day. Hence, causing me to get B+ only. :(
But it's all my fault, there's no other to be blame Fatin!

Last but not least, i'd like to wish a bunch of thanks to my friends who are willing to study grouping with me throughout the study week and exam weeks.
especially to Bell a.k.a Fatin Nabilah Mohd Annuar, she always being a good 'role model' to me. ;) 
sorry if i had ever annoyed you with those 'over confident' arguments i made throughout our study group sessions. HAHAHA.
wanna read more about her? this link might give you a clearer view on her >>> Penjelasan Separa Gila.
and thanks to Kak Aimi a.k.a Tunku Aimi Diyana for being my ACC116 tutor for an overnight. :)
and the other fellas who involved in the study group, Yeanna a.k.a Syarifah Nursyazlyeanna, Eddy a.k.a Muhammad Aizuddin Yahaya, Bir a.k.a Intan Amirah Nabilah, and Zafran Mohd Salleh.
Not to forget Hasanah Malek and Norshahirah Azahar,who are always being there for me through thick and thin. ;)
and thanks to Nur Ashikin Rahamad for willing to be my so called 'student'. :D
hope you enjoy studying with me. theeheeeeee~
p/s: i used to draw the 'role models' of mine on my white board during my first semester, amongst them were Bell and Zafran.
but on my 2nd semester, i dont have to do so. because instead of me drawing my role models on my own, Bell came to my room and then drew herself on my board without me asking for it. HAHAHA.
cute isn't it? ;)

All my lecturers are quite helpful too! They replied my SMS in a very short time most of the time if i asked them regarding to the assignments or anything! Indeed, i really appreciate it! Even my BEL120 lecturer from my first semester, Miss Emy Shafika Nordin still keep in touch with me and never getting tired of motivating me with those supportive words of hers. How sweet she is isn't it? :D

OH MAN! As you can see in the picture above, the only thing that i'm really worry about right now is the appeal for my college application.
FYI, my application to stay in college for next semester was failed, even though i actually fulfilled each and every qualifications required as stated down there.
i even sent my college activity card. It's a yellow card which shows how active a student was at college. In every college events that the student involved in, they will be given a coupon to be pasted on their card or the organizer might also collect the cards in order for it to be signed and stamped by the superiors.
See! mine was filled with so much programmes, and i even sent an extra page besides this!
How can someone who didn't sent any activity card could get the college? totally unfair right? hmmmphh~
i'm currently hoping so hard that i'll be given the second chance to stay in college. please do accept my appeal UPKNR! :'/
hope they'd see my effort. amin.

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