Monday, November 5, 2012

#picturesoflove : Aleena's 2nd birthday.

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
First of all, i'd like to say so sorry for the late publishing of my #picturesoflove series!
I've gone to bed quite early lately due to the over tiredness of babysitting the kids. maybe? nahh~ :D
So, here's another episode of my life events.
These photographs were taken on one of my little nieces' 2nd birthday.
Awww~ how fast time flies. i never thought that she'd grow up at a very fast rate..
image source : kak keenah.
 During the small family gathering, as usual the kids would be so photogenic and hyperactive.
Ahhh see, Abang Long Faheem has now becoming a lil matured somehow. ;)
baby Fatehah is now her Atok's looks-alike. Don't you think so? :D
while Lil princess Aleena is now abled to accept her younger sister as the new 'baby' in the family. how cute they're isn't it? ;))
 these kids were lil too excited when seeing the birthday cake.
Aleena excitedly jumped around and sang the birthday song all by herself immediately as soon as she saw her mum was holding the plate of cake! HAHA.
p/s: Faheem and Aleena were actually showing the Ultraman's poses in the picture up here. ^^
 i just can't wait the next January baby from my sis. :D
 Aleena : Do you wan't some? no? okayy, i'll eat them all by myself. MUAHAHA!

 Ohh, not to forget, these are Aleena's and Faheem's new toys. :DDD
all of these used to be my dream toys when i was a kid. :')

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