Friday, July 22, 2011

watching Harry Potter 7 leads to a failure. LOL!

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
gheeehee~ to Harry Potter lovers, do ignore this entry's title up there. it was just a gimmick. :P
last Tuesday, i went out with Izzani a.k.a Nurizzani Mohd Awal and Yan a.k.a Mohd Sufian Hashim,,as usual, to the Wangsa Walk Mall. -,-"
dah tak dak tempat lain,,tu je lah paling dekat,,

We watched the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.
okay, basically i never keep track of these film series,,
i still remember that i had only watched the first film, and that when i was still in primary school.

and now, after 7 series had been published,,now i watch  the last episode.
know what, through out the movies i kept on asking,,, "psssst~ who's she eh??" "huh? what is that??" "errr,, what's the relation between the two of them?"
hahaha~ so many questions popped-up in my mind that made me wanted to  keep on asking Izani questions,,
but then, the answer would always be "shhhhh~ later on i'll tell you!"

padan muka fatin! :D
till the end, i still didn't get the answers from her. haha.
 anyhow, Harry Potter's character during infancy in the movie was so cute!!! ;))
yet, the ending was quite yawnful,,
just like the ending of  my favourite TV series 'Juvana' that was shown on last Monday night.
both got the typical old-fashioned ending. huhu~
anyway, the make-ups and special effects was super cool!
psssssst,, don't tell anyone! i've dreamed of someone with the nose of Lord Voldemort the day after i watched the movie. LOL!

later on, we munched some food at the WW's  new food court on the new wing.
oupppsss~ not 'we',,but them!
hahaa,, i didn't eat anything in order to cut cost,, theee~
besides, i've already had my lunch at home before going to the mall. :]
ye, saya tahu tudung saya skema. :D
 and that's the end,,
oh yaa,, before going back home, i went to the 'Each a Cup' and ordered a cup of chocolate oreo ice blended,,
afterwards the worker who took my order asked me whether i would like to add any toppings or not.
then i said tht i would like to add in some Aloe Vera into it,,and she was extremely shocked! LOL!
 there's no other people would like to mix up the chocolaty flavoured drinks with aloe vera. :P
 normally people would add in the pearl jelly right,,haha. weird me.
however, it tastes good! :D
don't forget to try next time yaa? ;) 

we took LRT to Taman Melati station from the Sri Rampai station, then we went on our separated way to our home,,
like always, i walked home from the LRT station in order to cut cost again! even though it tooks about half an hour to reach my house by walking from the LRT. :D
i was super exhausted once i reached home, yet i'm still happy!

but then i remembered that the next day on Wednesday, i've got a driving test!!
"o'ohh~ we in trouble!" haha.
yeahhh~ i've passed all the three test in part 2 which consist of the 'hill-climbing test', the 'car parking test' and the 'round three-corner test'.
gheeehe~ at first, i thought i've failed the hill-climbing test,, but alhamdullah, i didn't. ;)
nevertheless, i've failed the on the road test. :'(
i'm not used to drive the Viva car.
all these while i only drove the Kancil coz my driving school is so 'kuno'. they don't have the Viva car like the other driving schools do have.

unlucky me, every time i made a turn, the tire of the car tht i drove get on the white line of the road.
after three times i made the same mistake, the JPJ inspector immediately asked me to stop on the roadside. hahaa.
and tadaaaaaa~ here's the result!
i only managed to get 5 marks out of 20! xD
and that's the end. Hampeh! -,-"
errr,, i'll be repeating the test on the next Wednesday.
on the same route which is at Cheras,, nearby the Cheras IMKEDA.
hopefully i will pass the re-test! amin!

erm, some of you, readers may have read my old entry link:alhamdulillah. which i told that i've passed the computer test for getting the L license,,
and it was wrote back in December 24!
you must be wondering why after 7months,then only i took my first driving test right?
HAHAA. many of my friends who took the computer test late on March or even April have got their own P license now.
and i'm the only one who's left behind,, :P
lots of things had happened,,malas lahh nak cerita. 
so,,till then, c ya!

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