Friday, December 24, 2010


yeahh,, yesterday i've sit for the ujian undang2 jalan raya berkomputer,,
and guess what? woot~ woot~ i've  got 49/50!!
astaghfirullah,,belagak la pulak minah ni. aisehh,, =,="
erm,,actually i didn't expect that i could get only one question wrongly answered.
hahaa. coz the night before i took this test, i've only managed to get 44/50 after many times of trial using the CD that i bought during the KPP.
check this out >>>
hahaa. this had drive me crazyyy! and i couldn't sleep that night! >,<" haihh,, know what,,i was just dozing for 2hours that night. GAHAHA. ni semua JPJ punya pasal la ni. LOLing! salahkan org lain plak! xD
however, eventually,, this is what i get >>>
nyiahahaaa~ so, moral of the story are:
-jangan kabut sangat. be cool dude.
-be prepared for any test even though many people said it's easy.
-doa lah bebanyak supaya diterangkan hati. ecehhh! ;)
-lebih afdhal baca selawat + ayat kursi before jwb test. (cikgu skolah rendah saya dulu slalu suruh baca doa kunut skali.HAHA,takde kaitan!)
-DON'T last minute study. :)
-jangan menunjuk-nunjuk macam saya ni. :P

anyone interested to get this CD of mine?
i've used it once only.
siapa nak angkat kaki!

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