Saturday, December 11, 2010

so longgg!

salam! perghh~
it had been some time since i didn't posting any entry in this blog right?
busy studying for SPM??
hahaaa,,such a cliche words!
aaaaahhh, since i've been 'away' for so longggggggg,,
so maybe i'd write a very longgggg entry this time. :P

first of all, i would like to say Alhamdulillah coz the SPM candidate B**001A009 had finally finished her SPM papers last wed.!! [8th December]
wheee~ but seriously the questions r kinda tough i thnk.
err,, correction! the answers for the questions r the one tht was tough actually! not the questions. ;P
especially for the HIS-STORY,and PHYSICS papers! (T_T)
errr,, i'm worry for the BIOLOGY paper too!
i think i did better for bio paper in the trial exam kot. ;'(
haiyaaa! hopefully i'd manage to get A's for bio ohh.
i'm afraid tht i'd disappoint my mum since she's a biology teacher kan,,
so, surely her colleague would ask her "kak paridah, anak akak yg baru amik result spm tu dpt bape A? bio dia mesti A+ kan??"
oh my god! takutnyaaa! hmm,tapi ape boleh buat. semua tu qada&qadar kan.
macam mama,tcher aina,tcer norita,tcer lela,cikgu2 lain semua,cik talib,ramai lagi lah pernah cakap : "kita dah berusaha, dah tawakal, insyaallah kita dpt apa yg kita nak in the end."
so guys, lets pray to Allah so tht we could get a flying colours spm result. ;)
okay. enough bout SPM!
pening2! hahaa.

let's move on to other topics! ngeee~
next is about the activities i had done & i would like to do during the longggg period of time of this 'honeymoon'!! yeayy! ;D
  • babysitting my nephew; faheem & my niece;aleena. ;))
  • baking,baking,baking! it's my passion! ;D
  • preparing food for my beloved family. :0
  • exploring more and more recipes from the internet.
  • get a driving license! it's a must! 
  • attending british coucil classes <
  • attending the GIATMARA! it's kinda interesting. ;)
  • attending sewing classes or maybe beading? hee~ best kot.
  • hanging out w/ family & friends. ;)
  • finish reading all the complete set of 'world book'. HAHA.tinggi sungguh cita2 tu!boleh ke kak? >,<"
  • helping out my sis in her business. baiknya!LOL!
  • frequently visiting the school. especially the schl library to lend a helping hand to tcer norita. ;)
 fuhh,hopefully my missions would be accomplished successfully,amin!
oh ya, maybe some of you haven't seen aleena before this in my pictures right?
fyi,she's faheem's baby sister who was born on the 5th of syawal this year. ;P

 hmm,currently i'm surfing up the GIATMARA's website.
and i'm confused to choose which giatmara centre and whichcourse i should attend.
howevr  i've short listed my choice & can u please help me out to choose the best for me? :)

# GIATMARA Setiawangsa,
 Wangsa Maju
Masakan Dan Pramusaji
      #GIATMARA Titiwangsa
               Kampung Baru
course: Fashion and Dressmaking

#GIATMARA Kuala Lumpur
Taman Keramat
course:Teknologi Fotografi

ahah. i think tht's all for now. i gotta pen-off now!

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