Thursday, December 30, 2010

happy 54th birthday mama.

29th december- yeahh, it was my mum's birthday!
mum,you're such a beautiful woman i ever known.
woot~ woot~ alamak! jiwang pulak! xD
hmm, as usual, my brother in US would always send cakes,bouquet of flowers,and cards during my mum's or my dad's birthday which he ordered online from either berry's or secret recipes.
haaha,, my sis dan saya pon apa lagii, snap pics la with the roses. :P

 the daughters with the birthday girl! :P
 it's me, the poyomon. :D
hee~ macam gambar masa mama graduate with ayah. ;)
hey look! that's the nacklace that i bought for her from iSetan last week! 20% discount yaww!
comel tak? :D

at 9 p.m, we had our diner at the Bora Asmara, kg sungai penchala. a balinese theme restaurant.
but they do serves western food,thai food,indonesian food,and malaysian food too!
the bali style landscape refreshed my bali trip memories back in 2007 ohh ohh! ;)
and the starter : gado-gado reminds me to my bandung trip.
the food was OK lah for us,,
not like some reviewers blogger did complained that the food at bora asmara was really bad like hell.LOL!
maybe they came on the wrong time, semua chef cuti sakit time tu kot.heh~ xD
oh, faheem met new friend there too! they 'talked' to each other and pretended like they could understand their 'language' very well.
haha, so comel!
atok faheem nenek. ;)
 my sis& her fiance. ^_^
the live band sang 'happy birthday',isabela,and a ceroncong song for mama. :D
 faheem, r u scared? or maybe u want them to sing the WONDERPET song? HAHA.
the photographer is totally epic fail! xD
okay, i'm so sure that i'm not an expert photographer. so, do check out these pictures at bora asmara which i adored so much! 
-taken from other websites- ;)
 oh my,, i hope that i'm good at capturing pictures like them. :P
nice view huh? ;)

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