Thursday, July 7, 2011

party in the USA!! [part 1]

السّلام عليكم
 Peace be upon YOU! ;)
awhh~ finally i have plenty of time to made an entry about my trip to the USA as i promised earlier in my previous entry,, yeahh~
okay, the story of my journey began on the 28th of May 2011,,which is the day after i left UiTM Kuala Pilah,,
our boarding time was at 2.45pm,,the flight number was MH 094 and seat number 31G.
too specific? yeaah,, you're right,, i'm refering to my body pass right now. LOL!

7.50p.m on the same day - we were in transit at Taipei airport,,at this time, i had the opportunity to replying my status comments on FB using my sister's ipad. :P
an hour later, we boarded the same plane,, i fell asleep right after having my dinner. *tak tahu lah pahal mengantuk sangat,,
at 2a.m (Malaysia time) suddently i woke up from sleep and feel uncomfortable and nauseous,,
then i thrown up everything i've ate on the plane,,the lunch and dinner. gahahaa~
*seriously! i never thrown up on plane before this. :(
at 6a.m.(Malaysia time),,they served heavy meals,, again! because of i was still not feeling well, so i refused to eat,,
at 8.40a.m.,29th May 2011 (Malaysia time) / 5.40 p.m, 28th May 2011 (LA time) ~ finally we arrived at Los Angeles LAX airport.
okayyy! sangat laparrr~ i almost gastric. :O luckily i've got few packs of biscuits in my bagpack. :D

unfortunately,,my brother will be joining us on the 3rd day we at LA because he got some sports tournaments if i'm not mistaken,,
so, we have no so called 'tour guide' to guide us how to get to our hotel that we've booked before,,
thus, we have been cheated by the driver who asked us to pay him quite a lot of money,,
we reached at the Homestead Studio Suites Hotel,El Segundo at dusk,,
after Maghrib,we went out for a walk to enjoy the night air in LA.
OMG! it was freezing cold outside!! after passing through few blocks, like the Ralph's Pharmacy Store,Starbucks,the Hewlett Packard building,,then we couldn't withstand the cold anymore and immediately get into the Walgreens Pharmacy store,,
ohh,,don't get it wrong with the word 'pharmacy',,it doesn't mean that they sell medicines,,but they're kinda like a larger version of 7E.
wheeee~ i bought a toy for Faheem there! :D
we went back to our hotel and stopped a few times to snap some pictures with the flowers along the streets,,
29th May 2011 (LA time)
pheww~ the next morning we ate bread with peanut butter and Campbell's mushrooms soup that brought from Malaysia, for breakfast!
*no wonder the luggages were quite heavy! LOL!
after having breakfast, my sis,her husband,and my cousin walked up to the nearest 'rent a car'.
but i don't think it was near, coz they only get there after an hour walk. huhu.
at the same time,, me, my mum, dad, and my aunty went to the Ralph's which was just few steps away from our doorstep. :))
my aunty bought quite a lot of groceries,,cabbage, baby carrots, mayonnaise, salmon fish, and even boxes of flavoured rice!
*kalau dah melayu tuu,,pergi mana pun cari nasi jugak. ;)
right after we went back,, my father 'samak' all the pans,pots and plates provided at the kitchen,,then only we started to cook all those stuffs that we bought at Ralph's!
and yeahh,, we ate Spanish rice with curry fish, and coleslaw for lunch! ;DDD
the Spanish rice tastes sooo sooo yummyyy! woot~woot~
after lunch, with the two cars we rented before, and a GPS,, we decided to go to the Walmart!
but then,,we reached at the...SAM'S CLUB??? but the people there told us that sam's club is owned and operated by the Walmart,,
so we get in and my dad bought some Izod shirts,, but when we get to the counter to pay,,we were told that only members of sam's club could shop there. duhh~
hampeh! but luckily one of the workers there lend us his membership card. :]
next we went around the Beverly Hills area, took some pictures at Hotel California, then sesat here and there,,till night, and went back to the hotel.

30th May 2011.
the next day, after having breakfast,,again! we went to Beverly Hills,, my mum wanted so much to see the houses and sceneries during day time,,
to avoid from getting lost again this time, we bought a map from a lady who claimed herself to be the granddaughter of marilyn monroe!! duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ -,-"
plus at first she said the price of the map was $40! but then we got the map with the price of $10.
pheww~ but still! the price is so unreasonable! we could get a free map at Hollywood whattt,, =,="
 *dah macam rumah dalam cerita hindustan je,,

after that, we visited the King Fahad mosque in Culver City,,but the doors was locked,,
then there's a man salaam us,,then talked to us in Bahasa,,but the slang sounds like Indonesian.
actually he's not Indonesian,,but he's Arabian who lived in Indonesia for few years.
he's the one who told us that the mosque only open during prayer time.
so we left after capturing few pictures in front of the mosque,,
but what catches our eyes was the building in front of the mosque, across the road,,
it stated that "WE BUY GUNS" lol!
and one more thing was the signboard at the mosque stated "PARKING LOT FULL",,but the parking lot was empty instead. :0

fuhhh~fuhhh~ i'm 'semput' already,,
i believe that you readers also do the same,,
so maybe i'll continue the story in the next entry.
till then,,c ya!

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