Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FEBRUARY babies. :)

happy birthday to you!
you live in the zoo!
with unta and lembu!
happy birthday to you! ;P

5th February
happy birthday MJ!! 
facts about her:
the nick name "marry" dan "che yam" was given by me. HAHA. she's also known as marry jammy & MJ. she's the best lesbo partner of mine! LOL! kidding! she had become my GF since form one! huhu. can't really remember the moment when i first 'flirt' her.:P we were too close eventhough we were not in the same class since form 1 to form 3. well, she took Arabic language,, so she would be in the same class for three years. hee. she's the shoulder i cried on. but now she's no longer around since she entered MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba, Jasin. ohh how i miss her. :'(

11th February
happy birthday ejat!
facts about him :
he was a senior of mine. hahaa,, minah ni kecoh skit mulut dia. ouppsssy! kalo pasal mengumpat, number one! LOL! ;P i know him quite some time, since form 1 maybe. but we never get this close before until i entered Form 4, then only we becoming quite close coz he kept buying stuffs from strawberrytags.  now, he do come to my house quite often coz he's one of the resellers who sells strawberrytags' things,, so that he could get some commissions as a side income while waiting for his SPM result. ;)

24th February
happy birthday ju!
facts bout her: 
we're new friends, but we were both knows each others' secrets. ;) 
i'm glad to have her as a friend of mine!
tht's all. ;D

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