Friday, April 2, 2010

ubat batuk cap ibu & anak ♥

mama: tin, tin, which one okay utk mama pakai esok?

me: hmm,, yg ni atau yg ni kot.

mama: ma rasa yg hijau ni lagi cantik.

me: a'ahh yg ni lagi detail.

mama: hmm, camtu mama pakai yg ni laa esok.

me: ehh,, cube ma pakai yg ni jap,,

2mins later...

me: haa,, yg ni pon okay gak kalo pki ngan tudung pink. baru kontra. ;)

mama: ohh yeke? camtu ma pakai yg ni laaa..

me: ermm,, tpi yg tuu okay gak.

mama: ehh,, jap. yg ni ke yg ni ehh???

me: entah. tin rase yg ni kot.

mama: tapi yg ni lagi cantik.

me: entahlaa.. tin rasa yg nii..

mama: hmmm, yg ni pon okay gak..

me: ehh tapi yg tu pon okay gak kot

mama: alaaa,, yg mana satu ni???!!

me: okaylah jom kite osom! (joking)

mama: one-two-som? okay! one-two-som!!

me: alaa~~

mama: one-two-som! 

me: yeyy! 

mama: dah brape dah?? eleh mama dah 4.

me : alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

mama: yeyyy! yg hijau tu menang!!

it was 2.00 a.m. and i was still having some 'fight' with my mum about the clothes tht she's gonna wear for the next day. ROFL!

the best part of tht night was the ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS thing!! ;D

i was just joking to end the fight with the ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS' game,, but unexpectedly she agreed. ;)

hahaaa~ dah lama tak manje2 camni. ;P i can't deny tht i used to be my mum's 'INTAN PAYONG' when i was a little girl.

however she was still strict towards me when i'm doing somethng wrong.. ;)

ahhhhh,,, i hope tht i won't forget the pretty momment i had tht night. 

the night where the atmosphere was so 'young'.


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