Saturday, April 10, 2010

family day out with faheem. ;)

 9th Apr 2010.
on the way to damansara.
at first, faheem was excited!
well, dah lame tak outing aite faheem?
but few minutes later...
uhhLALA. bestnye tido!! ;)

hasil tangkapan pada hari tersebut:
  • 2 pairs of baby GAP tights.
  • baby's finger tooth brush.
  • baby's ear cleaner tube.
  • baby's kind of errrr... i dunno wht izit they call tht. xD
  • baby's playing hammer with bell and ultraman printing on it!!
ohhh myy,, it's all about faheem! ;D
ehhh, wait2. i also got a brand new hair clip which cost only RM2! LOL!
faheem's stuffs cost much2 higher! xD
hakimi was jelous on him when we got home.
coz xbeli toy utk dia. ;)
and he said to faheem, "faheem!! pak busu pon nak ultraman! faheem bagi pak busu yeahh??!!"
"ehh! pak busu pon nak pakai stoking girl!!" << ayat perli. LOL!!
kecik2 dah pandai perli yea kimi?? xD
the tights looks kinda girlish sikit.
dah carik yg boyishh punye tapi xjumpe. ;(

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