Sunday, May 20, 2012

celebrating teacher's day at school!

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;) 
Last Wednesday, on the 16th May 2012, Muzaireen, Amirah Diana, Niezwan, Sufian, Fikri, Hafiz, Aidil, Qutbi, leman, and I went to our beloved secondary school, SMK Gombak Setia. :D
At first, we [all 5 Sejahtera 2010 students] planned to organize a so called reunion at the Kemensah Heights. So that we could picnicking, barbecuing, etc. Everyone agreed with the plan. but then, after all UiTM, Matriculations, IIUM, and UTP students have had our Semester Break, there were still a few of our classmates at other private universities and colleges doesn't had their sem break yet. Thus, only a few of us attended the event. However, we eventually decided to meet up at school on the Teacher's Day instead of picnicking at the waterfall.
We had set the time to meet up at 11 a.m. , but as expected, Malay Promises a.k.a. 'Janji Melayu' is always fulfilled in a 'timely manner'.HAHAHA. Around 12 noon, we showed up at the school and watched the teachers playing all those typical 'teacher's day games' which was conducted by our classmate, Syarifhidayat, who's still studying there in Upper Form 6. :)
P/S: i'm jealous because when i was still a student of this school, the menu was not this long. and the canteen tender was always under a very bad management. huh~
We waited at the canteen untill the teachers finished participating in all of those activities scheduled. At 2.30 p.m. then only the teachers finished watching the podcast video of speech from the Education Minister if i'm not mistaken. Yet, our patience worth the time consumed. Our former class teacher, Mrs Latifah Hamid kindly gave us quite a big sum of money to buy KFC! muahahaa~ *evil laugh*
Thus, we had KFC as our lunch with this beloved Maths teacher of our class.
Aside from that, i also brought my own homemade Red Velvet Cake. Just like the previous years, i am always given the task to bring a cake during our potluck gathering.
oh ya! i almost forgot to tell that 16th May is Syarifhidayat's and Hafiz Nordin's birthday. Therefore, Mrs Latifah requested for them to cut the cake for her. :D Seeing those two boys cuting the cake indeed reminds me so much to their so called 'surprise' birthday party back in 2008 at Sufian's house which was also organized by me. :')
nothing much changes at Syarif's style, he is still the old 'cute' him. :P but Seeing Hafiz's 'Hard Hair Look' back in those teenage years, almost made me laugh out loud. :DDD
while the cutie little Niezwan in the picture up here is no longer exist. He's now have grown up into a mature guy. ecehh~ :P
okay, back to the teacher's day celebration thinggy, oh ya, Mrs Latifah's daughter, Yasmin Hanani were there too during the celebration. She's waiting for her mum to go back home together. but the funny part was, my friend, Niezwan kept teasing her by pretending to 'seduce' her. :P and then my teacher asked, "so what about Syazana? Where would you put her?" LOL! somehow she still remember the gossips that used to spread in our class back then. ;)
After we finished eating those KFC's chickens, there were still half of my Red Velvet Cake left. So my teacher asked each and everyone of us like. . . "Amirah, do have some more cakes." but everyone refused not to eat some more and pretend to be so full. She eventually said, "Fatin, i'll bring this remaining cake home okay?" :P hambek kau~ kunun ada lah baki untuk mereka bawa pulang ke rumah. xD
Not long after that, she decided to go back home. and thus, we made our way to KL Festival City a.k.a. KLFC to spend some more time together. Since it was quite late, so we decided to just window shopping and not to watch any movie.
but it wasn't just a 'window shopping' for Aidil. He wanted to buy a new pants since Niezwan's Iced Tea had spilled on his white pants that he was wearing. That's why he kept covering up the pants with his hand like this >>>
However, he couldn't find a pair of pants that suits his style and his 'wallet' as well. :P so he end up not buying any new pants. but somehow he bought a sweater instead??? whattafish???!!!
After accompanying Aidil to find a brand new pants for himself, and helping out Hafiz to find a handbag for him to present it to his girlfriend, we went to an arcade. Eryn, Mira,Apiz, and Aidil were so eager playing with the games there. While the rest went to the bookshop. :) one weird fact about most of my boys ex-classmates is, they really love to read love novels. believe it or not? :DDD Eryn sent me home that evening and that's how the day ends. i slept early that night, since i only slept for 2 hours the morning before, after i've finished baking the cake.

The next day, i accompany Firdaus Salim a.k.a Pedot to another so called 'SCHOOL' of mine, the British Council  Institute. He planned to take up a general English course there in order to improve his English before continue studying. He really wanted to persue his studies in Cairo, after i recommended him to watch the Indonesian movie "Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 1&2"!! LOL! Urmm~ Since i used to take up a few classes at BC previously, that's why he asked me to guide him there. Awwwh~ there's no much changes at the British Council. However, those 'cute' looking chinese receptionist are no longer working there. :(

After done at British Council, we went to KLCC to had our lunch. :D I finally ate my favourite mcd Chicken Foldover after almost 4 years[if i'm not mistaken] it was discontinued. Oh, two of our friends, Syuhada and Anis Nadia currently are working at a bakery shop in KLCC. Thus, i called Anis to come over, but she's on off day. and then i called Syuhada Hussin a.k.a Syue too, to come over to the food court since i  brought along 2 slices of the Red Velvet Cake that she craving for recently. So, she came and spent about half an hour with us. She ate one slice of it, and left another one for Pedot. She even tweeted the picture of the cake that i brought for her on Twitter. :P how excited she was!

Hey look! He even bought the novel with the same title with the movie at Kinokuniya that day. How obsessed he is towards that story. :O
we quickly went back home right after that, because i have to babysit my niece Aleena that evening. and that's how the story ends. :D

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