Friday, May 4, 2012

baking class with fatinissocoollike :D

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;) 
teeheee~ since most of UiTM students have got a plenty of time during this semester break, an old friend of mine requested for me to teach her the secret recipe of baking the Red Velvet Cake.
okay, let me introduce her! :)) Her name is Nur Amira binti Amran! :D we have been friends since we were in Standard 2[8years old] when i entered the so called 'sekolah agama' at SRA Attaqwa. We were not that close back then, but we do kept in touch after i quit from the 'sekolah agama' through the internet. We kept on interacting since the 'golden age' of Friendster, YM, then Myspace, and eventually Facebook.
oh, She studied at UiTM too! but at the Puncak Alam branch and she had just finished her foundation program. 
So here are some of the pictures i took after we successfully bake it, frost it,and decorate it! ;)
 us :)
 the result
 she ate a slice of it before her little brother, Amir came to fetch her to go back home.
she also brought back a quarter of the cake for her family. :)
i was too glad to hear that her mother loves it and asked for the recipe.
 ohh, i had previously posted the recipe of this cake, so do check this out mira! >>

ohh ya, one week before we bake together, we had spent a whole day together at the new shopping mall nerby my house, KL Festival City a.k.a. KLFC!
we get there by walking only you knowww!!! woot~ woot~ :D
i can't deny that we had so much fun there by chatting, and sipping, and munching, and laughing, and window shopping for over five hours! :O
HAHA. we were both don't even noticed that we had consumed so much time without buying anything other than food and drinks. ;)
after we had lunch at the Chicken Rice Shop, then only we went to the Econsave supermarket to buy some ingredients for our so called 'baking class'. :P
so here are some pictures at the chicken rice shop that we had snap. waa~ it has been quite some time i didn't had a meal at this restaurant. the last time when i was still in primary school i guess. ^_^
oh how i miss to eat their Pai Tee so so much!
the food
when we were lingering around, we saw this  attractive wishing tree. it's cute isn't it? hehe~

 fatihah? it should be fatin. haha

and that's the end!

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