Sunday, May 27, 2012

semester break = outings + food dilemmas + gadgets malfunctioning.

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;) 
Wheee~ Last Thursday, i accompany my friend Ayu Dafitri to our former secondary school to meet our beloved former class teacher, cikgu Latifah Hamid. Ayu told me that she was quite jealous reading my previous blog entry about the gathering that my classmates and i have held on the teacher's day last week. Last week, she couldn't join us because she's still at Perak facing her final exams at UniKL. So, now only she could come to school and freshen up all the sweet memories there, and meet the teachers as well. ;) We bumped into quite a number of teachers; cikgu Zarina, ustazah Nazifah, cikgu Normawati, cikgu Azerin, cikgu Aminah, my library teacher; Teacher Norita and of course cikgu Latifah! umm, that was after we took our SPM certificate at the office.

 We spent our time for a while at the library, [the place where i spent most of my time back then as a librarian] :') Teacher Norita also had a short chat with us, she motivated us, asking about our current life, my family, and stuffs and also sharing with us about her cute lil kids. :D after that we met cikgu Latifah, she was about to 'belanja' us for the lunch, AGAIN! but we denied since she's still got class to enter until 1 o'clock. We have got to buy a few things at OTK, Thus, we immediately made our way to OTK. but unfortunately, we were totally forget to took some pictures with the teachers at school. how sad. :(
*at the bus stop near school also can :P

At OTK, Ayu bought some fish, chickens, and some ingredients to made triffle. While i only bought an orange coloured board, colourful sticky note strips, and body scrubber sponge.haha.perlu ke cerita? i bought the board to made it as my so called memo board at college on this coming semester. since i've got the living room or a.k.a. 'RT', instead of the bedrooms. so that i won't get any supply of white board, study lamp and stuffs. that's why i have to made my own initiative to bring along mine. (T_T)

After that we had our lunch at KFC. We wanted to try out the limited time menu, 'Pokkits'. but the meal was so frustrating me!! the advertisement shows the price of ala carte Pokkits is RM2.60. while the combo set is RM5.50. i ordered for the combo, but since i changed the soft drinks to lipton iced lemon tea, so i've got to add RM1.50 to the price of the combo set menu, making the total price of the TINY pokkits and A MEDIUM CUP of drink cost RM7 not yet include the government tax. duhhh~ i felt like i've been cheated by KFC for the hundreds of times. well, all of the KFC's meals are always small and the pricing are always unreasonable! it would be better if i bought Mcd Chicken foldover, it cost RM9.95 which include the drinks and french fries! Plus, it has a bigger portion of meal. Unlike this 'pokkits' thinggy! even my wallet is bigger than it. heh~
Ayu complained about the Pokkits as well. According to her, the wrap doesn't taste good coz it's neither soft nor crispy at all. and the combination of the saltiness of the grated cheese and the sweet-and-sour-ness of the manggo sauce is a very terrible combination!
it seems like my iced lemon tea which cost me about RM4.50 is way too 'valuable' compared to my pokkits which costs RM2.60! and even a bottle of Twister. LOL!

Oh! not to forget,, the day before on Wednesday, i went for an outing with other friends, which were Nurizzani and Abdul Muzil. When we were having our lunch at Subway in Times Square, something funny happened. This friend of mine, Muzil somehow was having so called 'dilemma' with his food when he excidentally dropped the meatball from his sandwich.
 See the meatball up here. HAHA. Izzani couldn't say a word when seeing that. xD So we just pretended like nothing has happened and went to surau after finishing our meals. After done the Zohor prayer, we walked to Low Yatt since Izzani was looking for an external hard disk. Actually we wanted to watch the movie 'What to expect when you're expecting' but then, the showtime was quite late. Thus, we cancelled the plan.

At the Low Yatt Plaza, i took the chance to asked this one 'apek' at the Apple store about my ipod touch. Earlier that morning, after i woke up and was about to check the time, suddenly i found out that the screen was blank. The apek told me that to check and fix it would cost me more than RM150. Then i was like, "aiyaa~ sokay la apek. i better buy new one or fix the iphone instead of this 2nd generation ipod". But deep down inside i was quite dissappointed coz this ipod was a gift from my brother back in 2008 for getting straight A's in PMR. :'( Even my brother's ASUS that i've been using at campus back in these 5 months suddenly couldn't functioning and turned blank as well. I don't know why all these happened within this week! haiyaiii~~

At the LowYatt Plaza, i also heard something that i find it funny. When we walked around the mall i heard a guy talked to one seller like this "Aiyoo~ why so mahal??!! got free gift ahh??". That line indeed reminded me so much to the video on Youtube entitled 'Only in Malaysia' which tell us that most people in our country would always ask for FREE GIFT when buying something expensive. HAHA. From the Low yatt, we walked through the Sungei Wang Plaza and dropped by at F.O.S. first to buy basic tshirts, before we walked into the Fahrenheit 88 Mall. Afterwards, we walked along the new 562 meters fully air-conditioned pedestrian bridge; the KLCC-Bukit Bintang Walkway. From the KLCC, we took the LRT back to our home sweet home. Wheee~ we saved some RM kachingg~kachingg~ since we only took the LRT, instead of taking the Monorail as well. :D
here is one of the views inside of the walkway. Sorry, i don't have any 'model' here. Both of my friends were too shy to enter frame. ;)

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