Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New baby in da house + Happy Mama Day!

السّلام عليكم
PEACE be upon YOU! ;) 
It has been almost two weeks since the last entry i've posted here. Yeah, i just had my so called the busiest-week-ever since the first day i'm having this Semester-break-of-doing-nothing i think.
okay, hmmm~ i just don't know how to begin my story. so let's start with my most exciting news i've got this week, which is, i've got a new niece! 
The baby was safely delivered last Friday 11th of May 2012, 6.30 a.m. at Ampang Puteri with a weight of 3.47kg. If i'm not mistaken, as early as 5.30 a.m. my brother has brought his wife to the hospital, while Aleena was sent to my house to be babysit by me. Around 8.30a.m. my aunt, Moksu came to help me out in babysitting the kids. At 9,then only Faheem was sent to my house by his Atok Alias. At first, they both were confused and seems to forget who's this Nek Su (my MokSu). They both were sitting on my lap, 'hanging' on me, and seems not to let me go, not even an inch away. forever! HAHA. but not long after that, my aunt was able to 'seduced' Aleena with the FOOD. as usual! LOL! 
 this picture indeed really portrays how hyper is the REAL Faheem, and how enthusiastic is Aleena towards FOOD. :P
oh, the funny part was, Aleena kept calling me"Mama"! oh my~ i wonder where she learned that word coz her mother called herself as 'ibu'. At 10.30 a.m. my brother came and fetch the kids to their nursery at TM,while Moksu went back home. Mama came back from school earlier than usual today, so she sent me to the hospital at 4.30p.m and then went for her facial appointment around Ampang area. what a coincident, luckily it's just nearby the hospital. :) i had my lunch from the hospital's cafe. while my dinner was the Old Town's Nasi Lemak Rendang. :DDD (my brother's fav.)
Aleena and Faheem were there in the ward too before my parents bring along the kids back to our house that night. Faheem was okay seeing the newborn baby while Aleena was quite jealous. ;) She even answered that she DO NOT WANT a younger sis when my elder sister and i asked her about the baby. ;P
ohh~ by this time, i still don't know whether my brother and his wife have decided a name for the baby or not. My brother has planned to put either the name Fathiyya or Fatiha. but the baby must have the spelling of 'EE' in her name just like the mother and the other two siblings, Faheem and Aleena. hmm~ i wonder how the spelling be for the name Fathiyya & Fatiha would be like, if we put the 'EE' letters. maybe Fateeha. :) and another one is Fateeyya ? okay, this kinda weird.
why not Fateema, Faseeha, or FATEENAH? or as simple as FATEEN! :D but then i would get confused whether they call out my name or the baby's. HAHA.
oh~ on Saturday, both of my sis-in-law and also the baby have come back home from being warded, but the bad news is,, the baby somehow was affected by jaundice then. So that now she has admitted to ward again. :( hoping that she'll get well soon. :')

about my Mother's Day celebration this year, we just had our dinner at home. At first my second brother offered to 'belanja' us at Lanai Kijang, the Bank Negara's cafe. but then it was quite late, the traffic must be darn bad at that moment. So he end up by buying the Papa John's for us. :D
We were too full till we forget to eat the Red Velvet cake that i've bake the night before. :O
So, here is the picture of my home-made cake. :D
YES, i intentionally 'wrote' happy MAMA AYAH day instead of happy mother's day. :D
The reason i use the word MAMA is just to make a different and avoid from using the word "mother". Well, so many Malays recently posted on Twitter and Facebook claiming that it's HARAM to celebrate this celebration. Somehow i just can't accept their reason which is because it's related to the Christian Mothering Sunday celebration. errk, In my opinion, that's what other people in some other countries celebrate it for. Then why should we bother since we didn't celebrate it as well. Some more, if it's really Haram, then why other Muslim countries like Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, etc. also listed as the countries which celebrate Mother's Day?
Yes, i agree that Islam taught us to do good deeds to both of our parents all the time, and pray for them as well. I never forget that, but once in a while, isn't it nice to show your love by giving them presents or as simple as giving a wishing card? So, during their birthdays or mother's day and father's day are just the perfect time to cheer them up. :)
sorry if i made anyone dissatisfied with my opinion. It's just an opinion of mine. I know who's the one who raised this issue in our country. I can't deny that i do like his talks. :) however, i don't really agree with him in this issue. Wallahualam bissawab~

Oh ya, i almost forgot to explain about the word 'ayah' there. :D i put it up just because when i was decorating the cake, somehow i thought that my dad might feel hurt if i only celebrate my mum. Some more, i won't be around during the Father's day and my dad's birthday this year. :( his birthday is on the 13th of June, and my Semester break will be ended on the 10th. :O Thus, why not if i put the word 'Ayah' (which means Father in Malay language) there on the cake too. :D

and that's the end! :D

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